Some Efforts to Reduce the Number of Stunting in Children in the Pandemic Period

Hopes to reduce the prevalence of stunting to reach 14 percent in 2024 are more challenging to achieve. This condition seems to be very difficult to realize because of the corona pandemic that is happening in various parts of the world, particularly Indonesia, in the early 2020s.

As we all know, applying physical distancing during this pandemic is a rule that must be obeyed and adhered together. With this policy, it hopes that this pandemic will end soon, and everything will return to normal as before.

Responding to our discussion this time, we still cannot prioritize stunting handlers, both in detecting and handling afterward. Because the problem of stunting is the primary determinant in creating a quality nation’s successor.

But the problem is, handling COVID-19 at this time is also a top priority so that this pandemic could end soon. Besides, the number of positive numbers affected by coronavirus is now increasing as time goes by (with healing rates continuing to improve course).

Thus, many health sectors that initially handled stunting, such as the Integrated Healthcare Center, eventually stopped operating (temporarily), and Healthcare had a priority in checking COVID-19-free communities.

Expert Responses to Stunting in the Middle of the Pandemic

One of the Professors from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. dr. Damayanti Rusli Sjarif, Sp.A (K), stated that the policy “at home only” and “keep a physical distance” made it difficult for the process of monitoring the growth and development of toddlers, especially in the Integrated Healthcare Center.

Besides, the total risk of a child exposed to chronic malnutrition to stunting will naturally increase if the child is not immediately detected through measurements of body weight, body length, and head circumference.

Stunting is very dangerous because, in addition to affecting the brain, nutrients needed in the First 1000 Days of Life, such as animal protein, amino acids, iron, or zinc, affect the immune system of children. Thus, lack of nutritional intake can cause weight loss, weight faltering (weight gain that does not fit the curve), decreased appetite, to malnutrition.

Failure to grow and develop that is not following the child’s age is a sign that the immune system has decreased so that he will be more susceptible to infection or viruses. If this is left for a long time, chronic malnutrition can turn into stunting.

Handling Stunting in The Pandemic Period

Because handling stunting is as essential as handling COVID-19 today, there are various strategic adjustments in suppressing the stunting prevalence rate.

Prof. Damayanti said, there are 3 primary keys in suppressing the prevalence of stunting, including:

  • Provide proper nutrition for the baby;
  • Monitor the child’s growth and development routinely to detect symptoms early;
  • And Implement a referral system in stages if the child is diagnosed with malnutrition until it has been stunted.

So, when the baby is not getting proper nutrition and is indicated or shows experiencing malnutrition, malnutrition, and growth is not following the curve when being measured, the child requires to get malnutrition treatment by doctors at the health center.

However, if it turns out that the child has been stunted, he must be dealt with directly and enforced stunting procedures by the Pediatrician.

As mentioned in the second point, we must always monitor the child’s growth and development and provide nutritional patterns of nutrition. It can be measured independently at home, or the cadres or health-related parties can take measurements at each house that has been recorded at the health center in each region.

To realize this, you need an anthropometric meter to detect precise, fast, and accurate stunting. For those of you who need these needs, Solo Abadi provides a particular anthropometric measuring instrument in the Anthropometry Kit package called the Stunting Kit.

Anthropometric Measuring Instrument for Stunting

In taking measurements to detect stunting symptoms, we provide various tools and packages that suit you. Here are the various Stunting Kit packages that we have:

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Anthropometry Kit – Custom SK

In addition to the packages we have explained above, we can also meet the needs of stunting detection devices as you requested. Both in the type of equipment, functions, up to the price of the tool you can consult directly with our team.

How to get a Stunting Kit product?

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