Portable Infantometer

The infantometer is a body measurement tool for infants and toddlers. Made of nylon, stainless steel, and aluminum, this tool very sturdy to use. Measurement details using an infantometer are very clear, making it easier to read the results. Infantometer is an ideal tool for measuring the human body.

Potable Stadiometer

Official Video Portable Stadiometer

Dimension :850 mm x 300 mm x 120 mm
Weight :1.000 gram
Measure Range :100 mm - 830 mm
Material :Alumunium
Stainless Steel

Functions and Uses

The function of the infantometer is to measure the length of the baby’s body more effectively and safely. The scale from the infantometer is also easy to read. The portable infantometer is used in several fields such as Health, Medicine, and Clinics, the form of a portable instrument makes this tool can be used anywhere.


  • The scale is clearly visible at the time of measurement
  • Both sides can be folded so that the tools are easily stored
  • Simple instrument installation
  • Premium and durable raw materials for tools
  • Certainty in measurement insurance
  • Exclusive bag for tool storage

Why Using Infantometer

  • Easy use mechanism
  • Safe and Comfortable for Children
  • Long Measuring Scale
  • Precise and Accurate in Use
  • Premium Baby Measurement Tool
  • 100% Original Indonesian Products

How To Measure

To provide convenience and an overview of measuring height using a Stadiometer, in the following video we provide a tutorial on how to measure precisely using our instrument. Check out the full explanation in the following video.

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