Recalling Again How Important Anthropometry Science Is

Hello everyone, how are you? May we all always given the ease and safety in the midst of a pandemic that is still happening today. To remind you of the topics we always discuss, we want to explain again what anthropometry is. Who knows, some of you will visit our page for the first time.

As we explained earlier in the article, the term anthropometry comes from two words: “anthro” which means human and “metron” which means size. Thus, anthropometry can be interpreted as a study of the measurement of the dimensions of the human body.

Anthropometry was originally used as an analytical tool to check or identify fossil remains of ancient human skeletons if we look far back. This was done so that researchers could know and understand human physical variations.

And in the present, the application of anthropometrics has been carried out in various fields. This can happen because anthropometric measurements involving physical geometry, mass, and body strength are essential aspects.

The following are examples of some fields that apply anthropometrics:

  1. Anthropology;
  2. Ergonomics;
  3. Healthcare
  4. Sports Sciences dan
  5. Produk Design.

Types of Anthropometric Measurements

To make it easier to apply anthropometric measurements in various fields, anthropometric measurements are divided into two parts. The following are the types of anthropometric measurements:

a. Static Anthropometry Measurement

Static anthropometry measurement is a type of measurement carried out using an object or body to be measured in a state of rest. An example is a measurement of sitting elbow height. The objector model must be seated and stationary during the measurement.

b. Dynamic Anthropometric Measurement

And the definition of dynamic anthropometric measurements is the type of measurement carried out in a mobile state. Or in other words, dynamic anthropometry is a measurement that looks at various movements that may occur for the object of measurement (for example, workers).

And in dynamic anthropometric measurements, there are three kinds of sizes, such as:

• Measurement of the level of skills that serves to understand the state of how the workings of an activity, job, athlete performance, and so forth.

• Measurement of the range of the room serves to measure a space used for the object. This is very important to improve safety and comfort.

For example, in a workspace. The range of hand-to-foot movements to their work tools must be appropriate for the work to be effective and efficient.

• Measurement of work variability related to various activities or activities carried out in their work mechanism.

The Importance of Anthropometric Measurement

As we explained earlier, the results of anthropometric measurements have an essential role. With the results of anthropometric measurements, we can meet various needs such as in the design of the workplace to product design because we need dimensions of its users.

We can also apply the science of ergonomics to the results of anthropometric measurements. The application of ergonomics (especially in the workplace) can increase productivity and efficiency at work. Accident rates at work can be suppressed with ergonomics.

In addition, the results of anthropometric measurements can also be used to detect stunting. Starting from the measurement of upper arm circumference, weight to height or body length can be a reference in overcoming stunting.

1. Chair Anthropometry

The anthropometry chair is an instrument that can measure the dimensions of the human body. Initially, anthropometric chairs were only made of wood. But now, the anthropometric chair has been transformed into a modern instrument that can measure in detail.

Three parts of measurements can be done using anthropometric chairs. The first is in a standing position, the second sitting, and finally in the face area. Besides, the anthropometric chair is equipped with an electric jack to help measure more easily and effectively.

2. Anthropometry Kit Portable

Portable anthropometry kits are the newest form of measuring devices. In this instrument, all anthropometric measuring components such as anthropometer, sliding caliper, small spreading caliper and large spreading caliper. It can be carried anywhere by using a special suitcase.

. Besides being able to take anthropometric measurements anywhere easily and quickly, you can take anthropometric measurements up to more than 100 dimensions of the human body.

3. Antropometri Kit – Stunting Kit

This tool is a little different from the two tools we mentioned before. The following measuring devices have their functions, namely to detect symptoms of a child experiencing stunting. Starting from measuring the height or length of body, weight, a circumference of the upper arm and head, you can get in the packages Anthropometry Kit – SK.

Best Anthropometry Measurement Tool

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How to Order an Anthropometry Measurement Tool

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