Benefits of Using an Anthropometry Kit to Perform Stunting Detection

As you all read, we are always tries to tell and make campaign about how crucial it is to prevent stunting, especially for Indonesia. In addition to working to improve healthier human resources to achieve better public progress, all Indonesian children of the country have the right to be able to live healthily without exception.

Starting from the causes of stunting, suggestions for pregnant women to anthropometric measurement tools for stunting have been discussed. We always try as much as possible to continue to inform more people about stunting because the problem must eradicate together; not merely the responsibility of the government or related agencies.

Stunting Must be eradicated together for a Bright Future.

The government already has a target in reducing the stunting prevalence to reach 14% of the total childbirth rate at the end of 2024. Although it looks scary, of course, that does not mean that expectations are impossible if we play a role and realize how vital this stunting problem is.

Moreover, demographics show that Indonesia will experience a phase where the productive age generation (15-64 years) will dominate the population in 2030. Of course, this will be in vain if our human resources experience stunting.

The biggest impact when our nation’s successors experience stunting is not about the shortness of their bodies, but stunting can interfere with the performance of their brains. Besides, stunting can cause a child’s cognitive and motor system to be low susceptible to chronic diseases.

For this reason, we must help in the application of pressing the stunting number, starting from maintaining the absorbed nutrition (both for pregnant women or their children) from the first 1000 days of life, giving exclusive breastfeeding to routinely monitoring the healthcare.

The Purpose of Anthropometry Kit for Detecting Stunting

In addition to maintaining the nutritional patterns consumed during pregnancy, we must take anthropometric measurements periodically when the baby is born. It aims to detect and prevent.

If a child shows signs that lead to symptoms of stunting, health authorities can provide further action quickly. These signs can obtain using the Anthropometry Kit.

The Anthropometry Kit can take the measurements needed to detect stunting because you will get the appropriate anthropometric measuring instruments as required. Starting from the height gauge to see whether the height is by his age, a weight gauge to know whether it is following specified standards or not, and others.

Benefits of Anthropometry Kits for Detecting Stunting

By using anthropometry measuring devices in the Anthropometry Kit package, you will get various benefits such as:

  • Can measure nutrition by measuring height/length, fat layer in upper arm circumference, and weight.
  • Measurements can be done easily and anywhere.
  • Can be done by everyone (especially the public healthcare cadres).
  • It can be carried anywhere easily, because it is equipped with an anthropometric bag that can accommodate all anthropometric devices.
  • Can be obtained easily in Solo Abadi.

As we have explained, Solo Abadi provides a special measuring instrument in the Anthropometry Kit package called the Stunting Kit.

Selling Anthropometry Tools for Stunting Detection

In taking measurements to detect stunting symptoms, we provide various tools and packages that suit you. Here are the various Stunting Kit Packages that we have:

1. Anthropometry Kit SK – 92

2. Anthropometry Kit SK – 95

3. Anthropometry Kit SK – 96

4. Anthropometry Kit SK – 98

5. Anthropometry Kit SK – 99

How to get a Stunting Kit product?

If you are interested in buying a Stunting Kit package from us, you can visit the following link or contact us by pressing the WhatsApp icon in the lower right corner. Don’t hesitate if you just want to ask for prices or ask for more detailed information about our special products, because we will always serve you kindly.

Let’s Prevent and Detect Stunting Correctly, FAST AND Accurately use a Stunting Kit, Because Preventing Stunting Is Important!

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