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If you are in this time, sitting comfortably in a chair while reading this article, then you are so close to the real application of anthropometry. Anthropometry aims to determine the dimensions of the human body. This measurement aims to produce, a product that is compatible with the human body or known as the ‘man-machine system’. Measurement of the human body requires many tools. However, Solo Abadi Indonesia innovates by presenting the world’s first and most comprehensive Anthropometric measurement!

First, let’s understand the two types of anthropometric measurements, shall we?

1. Dynamic Anthropometry

Dynamic Anthropometry is a measurement of the body or characteristics of the body in motion, or movements that may occur when human is carrying out activities.

2. Static Anthropometry

Static anthropometric measurements are carried out on the human body at rest. For example measurement of height, shoulder width, shoulder span and so on. Usually, this measurement is only taken in a standing position. However, as technology and anthropometry develop, there is a need to take several measurements such as face measurements and body measurements in sitting condition.

Anthropometry Chair, Globalized Local Product

To answer the needs of industry and to support the development of science, Solo Abadi Indonesia continues to innovate. We released the only Anthropometry Chair in the world!

If you look back, the Anthropometry chair can be said to be an anthropometric measure that has been known in measuring various dimensions of the human body. However, its existence is still classified as too conventional because it uses wood and is still limited in its measurement function. Solo Abadi Indonesia, came to fill the existing gap by presenting the Anthropometry Chair with various advantages, as follows:

1.Modern Design and Premium Quality Material

Anthropometric Measurement

The current Anthropometric chair on the market seem old-fashioned and outdated. In addition, the basic material of wood makes anthropometric chairs usually do not last long. However, Solo Abadi Indonesia has conducted a study for a year to apply the best design by using a sense of art and maximizing the function of the anthropometric chair.

In addition, our design engineers also assemble this anthropometric chair product with the best in class materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, master steel, PVC and acrylic which will make the anthropometric chair produced by Solo Abadi Indonesia last for a long time.

2. Measurement of 34 Dimensions of Human Body

Unlike other anthropometric chair, which can only measure the dimensions of the human body in a sitting position, the anthropometric chair produced by Solo Abadi Indonesia can carry out various measurements which are divided into three:

  • Sitting Position Measurement
  • Standing Position Measurement
  • Face Measurement

From these three measurement divisions, it can be broken down into several other detailed measurements that you can find out through this article.

3. 100% Made in Indonesia

Supporting the Indonesian Government’s program to optimize domestic product innovation, Solo Abadi Indonesia is committed to presenting local products with international quality. We use the best Indonesian human resources in designing products. We also use raw materials that come within the country because we believe in good quality.

4. Elegant and Safe Packaging

We have proven the quality of domestic production and have introduced domestic products to foreign countries. Our Anthropometry Chairs have been used in 8 countries such as India through the Sport Authority of India in last May purchased 13 Anthropometric Chairs produced by Solo Abadi Indonesia. Therefore, presenting a safe guaranteed packaging is also our priority.

Consult Your Needs With Solo Abadi Indonesia!

We are committed that customer satisfaction is our main focus. You can consult directly with our admin and adjust your needs on our WhatsApp number. For more information regarding the needs of other medical devices, you can visit our website at

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