The Most Accurate and Recommended Children’s Stadiometer in 2024!

Monitoring a child’s growth in his golden age is the most important thing that every parent should miss. One of them is to monitor the height of the child. The increase in centimeters in a few months is a mandatory thing that parents must follow.

Measurement of a child's height with a stadiometer
Measurement of a child’s height with a stadiometer

In the past, measuring height was still done manually, using a wall or wall meter, then switching to microtome. In the current era, advances in the health world have a renewable impact on medical devices. One of them is a height-measuring device or stadiometer. This tool has a high level of accuracy compared to microtome and wall meters. Here are the best stadiometer recommendations for 2024!

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Metrisis Analog Stadiometer from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

A stadiometer is a height measurement tool used for children aged 2 years to adults. On the market today, there are many varieties and types of stadiometers, ranging from manual to digital. However, there is one brand of stadiometer that is very popular on the market, namely the Metrisis Analog Stadiometer from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia.

How to measure a child's height using a stadiometer
How to measure a child’s height using a stadiometer

Metrisis Analog Stadiometer is one of the productions of PT Solo Abadi Indonesia which is used to measure children’s height. In addition, this tool is designed to be portable which makes it easier for users to remove and install the tool and facilitate measurement mobility.

The following are detailed specifications related to Metrisis Analog Stadiometer from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia:

  • Tool dimensions 430 mm X 330 mm X 2155 mm
  • Total weight of the appliance is 2,300 grams
  • Measurement range 100 mm – 2030 mm
  • Made of ABS plastic material
  • Registered esuka FR.03.02/VA/03051/2023
  • It has been certified TKDN with number 4091/SJ-IND.8/TKDN/5/2023
  • TKDN value 57.88%
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The Best Choice With The Eternal Solo Stadiometer

Why should you choose the Metrisis Analog Stadiometer from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia? Because it has the following advantages:

  • Accurate height measurement
  • Equipped with a head limiter or head topper
  • Equipped with a footrest or base stadiometer with a wide and wide-size
  • Very easy installation of measuring boards or knock-down systems
  • Calibratable reading scale
  • Visible measurement figures at the time of measurement
  • The measuring pole can support 5 measuring points
  • Easy-to-clean tool care with a cloth
  • Durable because it is made of the best ABS plastic material
  • The best domestic medical devices
  • Priced
The right stadiometer for a child
The right stadiometer for a child

Contact us To Get This Stadiometer!

If you are looking for a stadiometer to monitor your child’s growth, here are the best recommendations. Metrisis Analog Stadiometer from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia has been used by hundreds of health agencies in Indonesia, both health offices, health centers, hospitals, and clinics. Domestic products with the best quality.

Detailed Specifications of Height Measuring Instrument or Stadiometer
Detailed Specifications of Height Measuring Instrument or Stadiometer

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