SOLO ABADI is a manufacture company working in the field of machine building, precision parts and metal coating called Chemical Nitrate.

Established since 2005, SOLO ABADI grows and expands solidly inline with the vision and mission which strongly rooted in every elements of SOLO ABADI. Our vision and mission is to become a respected manufacture company in Indonesia with ethos, reliable as partner of the industry as a whole by giving secure and comfort feeling with undoubted product quality, strong and tidy system, yet keep maintaining flexibility.

To accomplish those vision and mission SOLO ABADI we relentlessly improving, be it the human resources as the main player, the machine we use to work and also facility and others supporting tools.

In accordance with our tag Line “Kreatif Bekerja Ikhlas Melayani” we used to think critically, creatively to finish the job and view the responsibility as a self call.

Give us the chance and trust then you will get exceptional experience!


Ruang Lobby yang menunjukkan Lokasi Solo Abadi
In the lobby or waiting room in Solo Abadi, each guest will be presented with a beautiful view and a clean waiting room. A minimalist white nuance is expected to create a sense of comfort in Solo Abadi. In addition, in this section, there is a wall decoration with Javanese language “SUGENG RAWUH” which is become our motto, to always be friendly to every visitor who comes to the Solo Abadi.

Meeting Room

Ruang Lobby yang menunjukkan Lokasi Solo Abadi
Solo Abadi’s meeting rooms used for multiple purposes such as interview and personal meeting. Beside, our meeting room used for some important meetings, such as meetings with Office workers or meetings with colleagues or business partners. This meeting room is still incorporates the concept of minimalism with the dominance of white colour.


Ruang Lobby yang menunjukkan Lokasi Solo Abadi
In the front area of Solo Abadi, there is PPIC (Product Planning Inventory Control) Room. Several divisions that exist in the PPIC is a General Division, Sales Admin and Admin Purchase. Typically, the PPIC has the task to receive the order from the Sales Division, then make sure the order was completed and sent to the customer on time. Moreover, the PPIC tasked to perform control on raw materials that will be used in the subject of production.

Production Area

Ruang Lobby yang menunjukkan Lokasi Solo Abadi
The production area is located in the middle of our office, when you enter our office, the most large space is where the production of our goods. Some of the elements that are used to compose our products such as Anthropometry Chair, Light Cigarettes Slitting, Light Emboss 210. Although the production area is usually known as a place that is dirty, but in Solo Abadi, we keep bringing the concept of clean and orderly. Because for us, clean and comfortable room will effect on our resulting product making.

Engineering Room

Ruang Lobby yang menunjukkan Lokasi Solo Abadi
Besides the production area, there is a room design that is used to design the product. In this area, the engineer usually made a draft design, as well as the prototype product that will be produced. In this case, the aspects of aesthetics and ergonomic in design is very important. Therefore, it is important for the designer to develop a product with good design. So, the result of that product will be useful to the consumer.

Marketing Room

Ruang Lobby yang menunjukkan Lokasi Solo Abadi
On the second floor, there is marketing room that used to do marketing via online as well as offline. Marketing room is also dominated by shades of white and minimalist interior. Furthermore, on the marketing room, contains some marketing’s employees such as Customer Service, Content Creator, Graphic Designers, and SEO. And also, the task of marketing team is to fair the product through multiple platforms such as websites, social media and many more. This is the place where ideas could become an action to increase engagement between the buyer and customer with the company.


Ruang Lobby yang menunjukkan Lokasi Solo Abadi
Solo Abadi has a warehouse located next to the production area. Warehouse serves to store goods, which will be produced or vice versa. The item will be stored in a certain amount and time frame. After that, then the goods are distributed to the intended location on request. The warehouse became an important component in the production of goods. So in this case, the Solo Abadi strongly consider about storage sheds.


Ruang Lobby yang menunjukkan Lokasi Solo Abadi
Besides several workspaces, Solo Abadi also has a balcony which is located behind the Solo Abadi office. This beautiful and nuanced balconies directly facing a small forest in the middle of the village of Mojosongo. Cool and peaceful atmosphere make the balcony is often used for the aim of communicating a break or as a place to look for inspiration for workers of the immortal Solo.