SOLO ABADI is a manufacture company working in the field of machine building, precision parts and metal coating called Chemical Nitrate.

Established since 2005, SOLO ABADI grows and expands solidly inline with the vision and mission which strongly rooted in every elements of SOLO ABADI. Our vision and mission is to become a respected manufacture company in Indonesia with ethos, reliable as partner of the industry as a whole by giving secure and comfort feeling with undoubted product quality, strong and tidy system, yet keep maintaining flexibility.

To accomplish those vision and mission SOLO ABADI we relentlessly improving, be it the human resources as the main player, the machine we use to work and also facility and others supporting tools.

In accordance with our tag Line “Kreatif Bekerja Ikhlas Melayani” we used to think critically, creatively to finish the job and view the responsibility as a self call.

Give us the chance and trust then you will get exceptional experience!


Before entering the lobby, we will be greeted by a sign called “SUGENG RAWUH”. What does this sentence mean? ‘Sugeng Rawuh’ comes from the Javanese language, which has a deep meaning as ‘welcome’. Then why is the sentence placed in Solo Abadi itself? As a company which founded in Solo, a city with a strong philosophy, we also do not want to abandon the culture. Because for us, it is obligatory to behave like a Javanese who are famous for their manners.

The message we want to convey on the ‘Sugeng Rawuh’ not just a message about welcoming the guest, but a form of our gratitude, happiness and prayers that all people who come to Solo Abadi will be given salvation and blessings by God. In the lobby or waiting room in Solo Abadi, each guest will be presented with a beautiful view and a clean waiting room. A minimalist white nuance that can create a sense of comfort in Solo Abadi.

Ruang Meeting

Meeting Room of Solo Abadi is used for several purposes such as personal meetings, customer meetings and suppliers’ meetings. In addition, the meeting room is also used for company interview. The meeting room at the Solo Abadi office still combines a minimalist concept with white dominance color.

Ruang PPIC

The PPIC (Production Planning and Inventory Control) room is the heart of Solo Abadi. In football, maybe the role of PPIC is as a playmaker, because the smoothness of the production system depends on the role of PPIC. Starting from making a production schedule, arranging the raw material needed by the production, arranging finish good stored in the warehouse that will be sent to the customer is the responsibility of PPIC as well.

Produksi Area

The production area is located in the middle of the Solo Abadi building, when you enter our building, the most spacious room is our production site. There are several production facilities in our area. Among them are: machining center, cnc milling, cnc lathe, laser engraving machines, laser marking machines, manual lathes and manual milling machines. In addition to the machines we mentioned above we also have welding machines, both TIG and MIG.

Facilities that we have use to make components (parts) on the machines that we produce. The machine is used to produce parts for components of the Anthropometry Chair, Light Cigarettes Slitting, Light Emboss 210. Some photos of parts that we make as components for our machines can be seen here. In addition to these components, we also use the facilities that we have for creative products. The creative products we mean are the components for the our latest product, Malika Wallart.

In addition to making parts for internal machines that we produce, we also accept jobs in the form of job orders or services. Solo Abadi received the services of CNC milling machine work, received the services of CNC lathe machine work and received special machine manufacturing jobs. Some of the parts that we make can be seen here.

Ruang Desain/Engineering Room

Besides the production area, there is a room design that is used to design the product. In this area, the engineer usually made a draft design, as well as the prototype product that will be produced. In this case, the aspects of aesthetics and ergonomic in design is very important. Therefore, it is important for the designer to develop a product with good design. So, the result of that product will be useful to the consumer.

Ruang Marketing

On the second floor, there is a marketing room that is used for marketing both online and offline. This marketing room is also dominated by white color and minimalist characteristics. Besides, in this marketing room, it contains several employees who work as marketing, customer service, content creators, graphic designers, and SEO. In this case, the task of marketing is to sell our products through several platforms such as websites, social media and so on. In this place, you will see the truth where ideas are created into actions that can increase engagement between buyers or customers and companies.

Gudang (Warehouse)

Solo Abadi has a modern warehouse located next to the production room. The function of the Warehouse is a place to store goods that have been produced. The item will be stored in a certain amount until a certain time. After that, the item will be distributed to the customer. Warehouse is an important component in the production of goods. Equipped with a good stockist system, we ensure that all machine spare parts that we produce are Anthropometry Chair, Light Cigarettes Slitting, Light Emboss 210 can be guaranteed, this policy will certainly provide a sense of security to all customers who use our products.


Apart from some of these workspaces, Solo Abadi also has a balcony located behind the Solo Abadi office. This balcony is beautiful and faces directly into a small forest in the middle of Mojosongo village. The cool and peaceful atmosphere makes the balcony often used to mingle on breaks or as a place to find inspiration for the Solo Abadi workers.