SOLO ABADI is a manufacture company working in the field of machine building, precision parts and metal coating called Chemical Nitrate.

Established since 2005, SOLO ABADI grows and expands solidly inline with the vision and mission which strongly rooted in every elements of SOLO ABADI. Our vision and mission is to become a respected manufacture company in Indonesia with ethos, reliable as partner of the industry as a whole by giving secure and comfort feeling with undoubted product quality, strong and tidy system, yet keep maintaining flexibility.

To accomplish those vision and mission SOLO ABADI we relentlessly improving, be it the human resources as the main player, the machine we use to work and also facility and others supporting tools.

In accordance with our tag Line “Kreatif Bekerja Ikhlas Melayani” we used to think critically, creatively to finish the job and view the responsibility as a self call.

Give us the chance and trust then you will get exceptional experience!