Learn About Some Inhibiting Factors in Doing Stunting Prevention

As we all know, we can not underestimate the main problem of stunting. To remind you more about this real issue, stunting is a condition when children is experiencing a malnutrition, which makes them hard to growth or experience retardation.

The risk of stunting children is not only about their short height when viewed from their age. What’s more dangerous than that is they can experience a decrease in thinking capability. And that can disturb their growth and development, especially in school.

Covid-19 Impact on Stunting Children

What’s more, our country is experiencing a disaster. Coronavirus pandemic, which has been attacking since early 2020 is very negative. The reason is the lack of nutrition of a child dramatically affects the body’s immunity.

One of the Health Policy and Analysis Experts from the University of Indonesia Public Health Faculty, Ahmad Syafiq, believes that children should not be exposed to the COVID-19 virus because they are stunted. For this reason, he suggested that the acceleration of stunting handling programs such as the first 1000 days of the child’s life be maintained and monitored.

The Importance of Maintaining the First 1000 Days of Life

Although now we are in a very uncomfortable period because of this pandemic, it does not mean we have to forget how important it is to maintain the first 1000 days of the baby’s life. Especially for a mother, they must maximize giving Mother’s Milk (ASI) after her small family is born.

If they forget how important it is to maintain nutrition to prevent stunting, it is undoubtedly hazardous. It is estimated, the number of stunted children will increase worldwide in 2025 if they ignore the importance of maintaining the nutrition of the baby.

Several factors that made the number of children affected by stunting not diminish from year to year were not only caused by the government’s inadequacy in handling stunting. The role of passive parents is also one of the causes of the decline in the number of stunting sufferers.

Stunting Prevention Inhibitors

The following are various things or inhibiting factors for stunting sufferers decreased:

1. There are still many who believe if Stunting Genetic Disease

There are still some people out there who think that the condition of a child’s short body is often considered the result of his parents. Their children whose body height is brief can be indicated not because of genetic factors alone but suggests that he is experiencing malnutrition (and possibly stunting).Genetics is a health determinant factor which is the smallest value if we compare it to other things such as healthy living behaviour, maintaining environmental cleanliness to health services.

2. Only the Government Cares for Stunting Prevention

As we have discussed in previous articles, our government has begun to take this stunting issue thoughtfully. They began to implement various programs to reduce the number of stunting.

But unfortunately, apathetic parents are still commonly found. They only trusted the handling to the government. But, they should be able to protect themselves from their baby’s nutrition.

3. Lack of attention to nutritious intake for children

The main factor of children experiencing stunting due to lack of nutrition obtained, both in the womb until after they were born. Many also assume that food that is full of nutrition is expensive, even though it is not quite right. What is unfortunate is when the father prefers to spend his money to buy cigarettes rather than to purchase nutritious food. Likewise, for the mother, many do not provide exclusive breastfeeding for the baby for up to 2 years.

Periodic Post-Birth Anthropometry Measurement

In addition to doing the things that we have explained before, as parents, they must regularly check anthropometry, can be at the healthcare or do it independently at home.

Parents must encourage their children to participate in the Healthcare program so that the child receives immunizations and their development can be checked and monitored; whether the height and weight are following their age.

To help the anthropometric measurement process that can detect stunting, Solo Abadi offers an outstanding measuring instrument product called the Stunting Kit.

Anthropometry Measurement Kit for Stunting

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How Can You Get an Anthropometry Product For A Stunting Kit?

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