Solo Abadi Teacher Development Program is an activity held by Solo Abadi to contribute advancing the education in Indonesia, especially for teachers who become the frontline in the intellectual life of the nation. Teacher Development Program is prepared to provide technical information and training for teachers or lecturer who need real experience in the technical field, especially in the Manufacturing Industry.

The purpose of the Teacher Development Program

  • Provide technical training for better teacher practice.
  • Receive technical training to support students to learn effectively.
  • Helping teachers or lecturers to increase the quality of teaching, learning and assessment effectively.
  • Provide a clear description of the workings and work systems in the industrial world.

Some Training What We Provide

In the Solo Abadi Teacher Development Program, you will get some direct technical training with our best team, the training we provide is as follows:

  1. Understanding Program Regarding CNC Machines
  2. Programs on How to Operate CNC Machines
  3. Design Engineering Training and Development Program

The training is carried out for a minimum of 30 days, in order to explore intensively related to the training conducted by Solo Abadi. The implementation technique can be explained and discussed further if you have registered at Solo Abadi.

How to Apply for the Teacher Development Program in Solo Abadi

  • Please understand about our program through our official website.
  • After that, please fill out the Registration Form on the Teacher Development Program page.
  • We will immediately process the registration, and please wait for confirmation 2×24 hours. After that, we will send you a further confirmation email.


For information regarding registration for the Teacher Development Program as well as matters relating to this internship. Please contact us directly by emailing us at Or please visit our social media on Instagram or Facebook for the answers you need.

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