Team Solo Abadi


According to us, the most important asset in SOLO ABADI is the employees, the right employees by our mean, employee who has passions, integrity and skill. Because from them there will be great idea and great creation.

Collaboration between young and critical employee, full of desire and enthusiastic with senior employees with dozens of experiences and maturity unite us into a solid family and able complement each other.

We always try to keep the working culture value in SOLO ABADI environment to be healthy and steady.

Some efforts we are doing to keep this are trough several routine activity as follow:

1. Religious activity every 2 weeks

We invite competent sources in their field we hope that all employees gain religious refreshment so that the working motivation and attitude are kept.

2. Sport once a week

As we all know that the benefits of exercise in addition to nourish the body, exercise also strengthens mental health. Exercise will surely launch blood circulation throughout the body, making a fit employee become rarely sick or absent. Blood circulation that flows smoothly to the brain will also endure creativity and innovation. Employees who diligently exercise can provide innovative ideas that can deliver performance effectively and efficiently. Another benefit of sports for employees is to fuel the spirit of competition and strategic thinking.

Employees who exercise together will develop their network, helping tolerance and understanding thereby reducing conflict in the workplace. Sports teach teamwork or work in teams to achieve success.

3. Speak Training every 2 weeks

By involving all employees in all layers, we hope the communication between employees can run well and smooth. We are fully aware with good communication, harmony among employees can be maintained, because with the correct communication all problems that exist in SOLO ABADI can be solved, be it technical or non technical problem.

With open and polite communication we are able to build a healthy cooperation to all parties related to SOLO ABADI, whether it is customer or supplier / vendor and to the neighborhood.

4. Blood Donor once every 3 months

Blood Donor

In collaboration with Indonesian Red Cross, SOLO ABADI actively participate in blood donor activities conducted in SOLO ABADI. Instead of just inviting employees to do blood donation, SOLO ABADI also neighboring people to donate their blood. With this activity we hope that employees will understand more about human values ​​and also maintain good relationship with the neighborhood.