What is Chemical Nitrate?

Chemical Nitrate or Niploy  is coating process that is specifically formulated to improve the characteristics of the part being coated. The main elements of the coating is Nickel (Ni).

The characteristics of the coating:  The thickness of the layer of uniform hardness 450 to 500 HV (equivalent to 45-50 HRC). With the heat treatment can be up to 65 HRC 15-25microns layer thickness (0.015-0.025mm).

Exceptional adhesion. Can be polished thereby reducing the coefficient of friction of the product. When applied to the mold to reduce the risk attachment of the product to the mold.

The Advantages

  • Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, increase lifestime of part 2 to 10 times.
  • A very attractive appearance, with bright colors (depending on the material covered).
  • The thickness of the coating is very uniform followed contour of the goods covered, even to the formation of the complex (holes, threaded, surface inside).
  • Do not leave the stresses in the part after processing.


  • Oil & Gas: Valve components, likes Balls, Gates, Plugs etc. And other components like pumps, pipe fittings, packers, barrels etc.
  • Chemical Processing: Heat Exchangers, Filter Units, pump housing and impellers, mixing blades, etc.
  • Plastics injection: moulds dan blow mold, extruders.
  • Textile: Printing cylinders, machine parts, spinneret’s, threaded guides etc.
  • Automotive: Shock Absorbers, heat sinks, gears, cylinders, brake pistons etc.
  • Aviation & Aerospace: Satellite and rocket components, rams pistons, valve components etc.
  • Food & pharmaceutical: Capsule machinery dies, chocolates molds, food processing machinery components etc.
  • Cigarettes machine parts: Container etc
  • The material can be coated are Steel and Aluminum

Material:Allumunium 6061
Overal Dimension:45.5x51x80 (mm)
Application:Cigarettes machine parts

Overal Dimension:Ø57.5×200.5 (mm)
Application:Ice Cream Mold

Material:Allumunium 6061
Overal Dimension:15x33x150 (mm)
Application:Cigarettes machine parts

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