Wastafel Cuci Tangan Portable 'Injak'

Produk Wastafel Injak Portable

Portable Hand WashStation

In order to help the community, students and the government to get an EFFECTIVE and FUNCTIONAL hand washing place to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Solo Abadi released a special product, namely the Portable Hand Wash Station.

The portable system of the hand washer makes it easy for the appliance to be installed anywhere. In addition, the ‘Touchless’ feature makes hand washing tools proven to be 99% cleaner, safer and more hygienic to use.

Background Wastafel Injak

Better handwash, Better for the environment.

Better Handwash Wastafel Injak
Better Handwash Wastafel Injak
Better Handwash Wastafel Injak

Better Handwash. Better for The Environment.

Fitur Terbaik Kami

  • Model:Portable and Touchless
  • Sink Dimensi:54 x 54 x 89 (cm)
  • Body Dimensi:50 x 40 x 15 (cm)
  • Sink Material:Mild Steel Hollow
  • Tub Material:Stainless Steel
  • Using foot pedal sink, the faucet and soap
  • Afur filters are available
Fitur Terbaik Wastafel Injak

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