Tips for Starting a Home Cigarette Business, Do You Want to Try It?

The cigarette industry can be said to be an industry that never dies. Why is that? It can be seen the development of cigarette enthusiasts by the Indonesian people, both the young and the old. Amid modernity in the past, cigarettes still exist in demand by all groups. Not only are men allowed to smoke cigarettes, but women are also now many who like this smoking activity.

Gambar ini memiliki atribut alt yang kosong; nama filenya adalah tips-membuka-usaha-rokok-rumahan-mudah.jpg

No wonder so many people are interested in entering this profit-promising industry. Although cigarette excise duty has increased every year, it does not prevent enthusiasts from quitting smoking. On the contrary, its enthusiasts every year continue to experience very rapid development.

So, what needs to be prepared for those who want to set up a cigarette business starting from home? Check out the tips and easy ways we summarized in this short article.

Promising Prospects for the Home Cigarette Industry

The cigarette industry supports economic development in Indonesia. This is evidenced by the absorption of a lot of labor in overcoming unemployment in Indonesia. One of the well-known cigarette industries in Indonesia is Gudang Garam which ranks at the top of the favorite cigarettes of the Indonesian people. Nevertheless, cigarettes can grow and develop starting at home.

Gambar ini memiliki atribut alt yang kosong; nama filenya adalah tips-membuka-usaha-rokok-rumahan.jpg

One example is a home cigarette factory originating from Cirebon, West Java which reaps profits of up to hundreds of millions. The cigarette factory, which was founded in the 19th century, still exists amid modernity. By developing Hand-Rolled Clove Cigarettes (SKT) this factory can reduce the unemployment rate of the community and encourage the economic wheels of the people of Cirebon. Thus, the home cigarette industry is a promising prospect for obtaining hundreds of millions of dollars.

Tips for Starting a Home Cigarette Business

1. Plan Business Capital

If you are ready to become a cigarette businessman, the first step you prepare is business capital. Yes, capital is the main key to making a business, both small and medium enterprises. Prepare business capital that will be used to cover your business needs, such as capital in purchasing factory equipment, purchasing raw materials, legally establishing a home factory and working wages for employees.

2. Determine Quality Cigarette Raw Materials

After preparing business capital, you must look for quality kretek cigarette raw materials from manufacturers. Why should it be qualified? Because quality ingredients will affect the taste of the cigarettes produced. As well as connoisseurs will get satisfactory results when smoking home cigarettes from your production. For this reason, put forward the quality of each cigarette made by you for many buyers.

Gambar ini memiliki atribut alt yang kosong; nama filenya adalah tips-usaha-rokok-rumahan.jpg

3. Know About Cigarette Regulation Rules

In setting up a home cigarette business, don’t forget to know the rules for the legal regulation of cigarettes. This is aimed at perpignan and cigarette distribution permits. In Indonesia itself, already has legal cigarette regulation rules under the Ministry of Industry. For this reason, you must follow and know the regulations in the establishment of home cigarettes. As usual rent, employee fees, licensing fees, and regulatory fees.

4. Determine a Trusted Distributor

In marketing cigarettes on the market, it is very easy if you work with distributors. This will bring greater profits and expand your cigarette market share in society. That way, you must determine the right and trusted distributor in establishing industrial cooperation in the long term. 

Gambar ini memiliki atribut alt yang kosong; nama filenya adalah membuka-usaha-rokok-rumahan.jpg

5. Strategic and Appropriate Marketing Strategy

After the course of cigarette production, it’s time for you to determine the market for marketing your cigarettes. For this reason, affordable prices also affect market determination. Low prices with quality cigarettes will affect the expansion of your cigarette market. That way, the wider the market you will reach also affects the spread of your cigarette marketing.

Supporting Machines in the Cigarette Industry

In establishing a home cigarette industry it is very important to have supportive cigarette equipment. Here we introduce cigarette support machines, namely Light Emboss 210 and Light Cigarettes Slitting. The Light Emboss 210 machine is a machine used to provide dater codes or production codes by embossing on cigarette etiquette packs. Meanwhile, the Light Cigarettes Slitting machine is a machine made to separate ambry paper from tobacco on cigarette sticks that have been damaged for reuse.

Official Video Of Emboss 210 Light

Do you want to find out more about these two machines? Please contact us directly on WhatsApp or directly ASK FOR PRICE for further offers. Get more information visit our website on

Official Video Of Cigaretes Slitting Light
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