Cigarette Production With Manual System, Is It Still Effective in Today’s Era?

The cigarette industry is one of the industries that never dies. The income and income of a cigarette industry entrepreneur are very promising and profitable. Meanwhile, cigarette consumers are increasing every year. As of 2021, Indonesians who like to smoke have reached 69.1 million. That means cigarette production is also increasing with the increasing demand.


So, how is this increasingly large production of cigarettes made? Is it still using the manual system? Is it still effective in today’s era? Check it out together in this short review.

Looking at Cigarette Production With a Manual System

Based on the history of cigarettes, which was first pioneered by Haji Djamari in the 19th century, it became a milestone in the start of the cigarette industry in Indonesia. Initially, the cigarette industry was located in a village that was notable widely done by villagers with the skills to process and pack cigarettes manually. These craftsmen are very shrewd when rolling a dozen cigarettes with just their hands.


The craftsman’s habit of rolling cigarette sticks can be used as a medium for chatting with other craftsmen to reduce drowsiness when working. So unknowingly dozens to dozens of cigarettes are easy to do every day. For many days these craftsmen produced cigarette sticks while sitting.

Is Cigarette Production Still Effective With Manual System in Today’s Era?

The industrial revolution brought about the rapid development of technology. This is shown by the invention of automated machines that facilitate human work, especially in the industrial field. The cigarette industry is also one of the industries affected by this industrial revolution.

Then the cigarette industry began to experience very rapid development. It is calculated that the demand for cigarettes per day is increasing. Then, the cigarette industry must also follow developments starting from its production system which must use sophisticated machines. This is sought to reduce production time to be fast and precise.


Some cigarette companies have also begun to switch to keep up with the times and technology. It can be seen that sophisticated cigarette machines ranging from tobacco processing to cigarette packaging are carried out machines. Compared with the manual system which takes a lot of labor and time, the use of this automatic cigarette machine will certainly reduce production costs and efficient labor. The processing time is also faster and more precise.

Automatic Cigarette Machine For Cigarette Industry

One of the cigarette machines that must be owned by the cigarette industry is the Light Emboss and Light Cigarettes Slitting machines. Light Embos is a machine used to give dater codes to cigarette etiquette by embossing. Meanwhile, the Light Cigarettes Slitting machine is a cigarette oncek machine that separates ambri or cigarette paper with tobacco. Both machines are designed automatically to facilitate labor in the cigarette industry.

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is one of the domestic cigarette machine manufacturers. These two machines are the first brand of PT Solo Abadi Indonesia which has been used by various cigarette industries in Indonesia.

If you are interested in these two machines to complement your cigarette industry. Please just contact us via WhatsApp or just fill out the ASK FOR PRICE available on our website page. Get a great price quote from us.

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