Definition of SKM and SKT on Cigarettes! Check Out The Differences

In the cigarette industry, we know the types of SKM and SKT cigarettes. Actually, what are SKM and SKT cigarettes? Check out the review of the differences between SKM and SKT cigarettes in the following article!

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Definition of SKT and SKM Cigarettes

Among smokers, of course, they are familiar with the terms SKT cigarettes and SKM cigarettes. SKT cigarettes are an abbreviation for hand-clove cigarettes. SKT cigarettes are a type of cigarette that is made by grinding or rolling by hand with simple production tools. The manufacturing process begins with cloves, and then the installation of filters, packaging, and the installation of excise tapes is done manually without using a machine.

the difference between SKT cigarette packs and SKM cigarettes
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Meanwhile, SKM cigarettes stand for machined clove cigarettes. SKM cigarettes are a type of cigarette that is made using a machine. In its manufacture, SKM cigarettes are mixed with cloves, followed by the installation of filters, until the packaging of excise tape is carried out by machine.

Difference Between SKT and SKM Cigarettes

However, some people are still confused about distinguishing between SKT cigarettes and SKM cigarettes. The following are the differences between SKT cigarettes and SKM cigarettes:

  • The way SKT cigarettes are made is manually by rolling them by hand, while SKM cigarettes are made using a machine.
  • The ingredients for making SKT cigarettes are a mixture of tobacco and cloves, while SKM cigarettes are pure tobacco and cloves.
  • In terms of size, SKT cigarettes are larger, while SKM cigarettes are slimmer.
  • The production duration of SKT cigarettes is longer because it is still manual and requires skills, while the production duration of SKM cigarettes is faster because it uses machines.
  • The SKT cigarette excise band rate is cheaper, while the SKM cigarette excise band rate is higher.
  • The production of SKT cigarettes can absorb a lot of labor, while SKM cigarettes are more dominant in the machines used.
the difference between SKT cigarette packs and SKM cigarettes
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Selling Light SKT Machine Package Package Cigarette Production Equipment Package SKT Manual

The cigarette industry market is a profitable business, especially the production of SKT cigarettes. If you are looking for an SKT cigarette industry machine, here is a list of tools that you must have:

  • A milling table is a tool used to grind tobacco and the amber is equipped with a batil or puscater to cut off both ends of the cigarette.
  • The packing table and bandrol are tools used to tidy up cigarettes so that they are neat, straight, and aligned as well as to attach excise tape to cigarette wrappers.
  • The process table is a tool used to distribute cigarettes through the stamping process with a smart conveyor for further distribution.
  • An embossing machine is a tool used to provide a code dater or production date on cigarette etiquette by embossing.
  • A slitting machine is a tool used to separate amber from tobacco on damaged cigarette sticks.

In addition to the list of tools, other equipment is also needed in the production of SKT cigarettes, including the following:

  • Glue applicator
  • Mini glare
  • Grinding
  • Push cutter
  • Smart container
  • Guess
  • Heather wrap
  • Selontong Mall
  • Master slock
  • Heather slop
  • Sample
  • Smart conveyor

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