Some Requirements for Establishing a Cigarette Factory That is Important to Know!

The cigarette industry is an industry that never dies. Why is that? Because smokers are increasing every year. It is also accompanied by the emergence of new cigarette industries. Starting from the home cigarette business to the large-scale cigarette industry. One of the things that makes some people interested in doing cigarette business is its promising profits. So how to set up a cigarette factory? The following are the conditions that must be considered in setting up a cigarette factory.

Requirements for Establishing a Cigarette Factory
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Requirements for Establishing a Cigarette Factory

Before establishing a cigarette factory, first, get to know the regulations and mechanisms for establishing a cigarette factory. Regulations on the establishment of cigarette factories have been regulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Industry on Supervision and Control of the Cigarette Industry. The following are the requirements for establishing a cigarette factory:

1. Preparing Enough Capital

The first thing that needs to be prepared in establishing a business is of course capital. Capital is a source needed to run a business, both cigarette businesses. This capital can be in the form of cash, fixed assets, adequate machinery, and expertise in managing cigarette factories. With sufficient capital preparation, you can start and run a business, as well as develop a business.

2. Determining the Factory Location

After preparing the capital, the next step is to determine the location of the factory building. In establishing a small-scale cigarette factory, there are rules regarding the area of the building, and must meet the following requirements:

  • The location of the factory building has at least an area of 200 square meters.
  • The factory is directly adjacent and can be entered from public roads.

3. Setting Up Quality Cigarette Industry Machines

After determining the location of the building, the next step is to prepare the cigarette industry machine. Machines are equipment that must be owned by cigarette businesses. Because the machine will later process tobacco to produce cigarette sticks. The following is a list of machines that must be in the cigarette industry:

  • A wood rolling tool is a tool used to grind tobacco into cigarette sticks.
  • The push cutter is a tool used to cut tobacco waste on the amber.
  • A glue applicator is a tool used to provide glue or adhesive between tobacco and amber paper.
  • Smart containers are tools used to store and process cigarette materials into semi-finished cigarettes.
  • Light cigarette slitting is a tool used to separate cigarette paper from tobacco on damaged cigarette sticks.
  • Light embossing is a tool used to give a code dater to cigarette wrappers by embossing.
  • A smart conveyor is a tool used to transport semi-finished materials to be produced to the next stage equipped with a conveyor.
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4. Registering Cigarette Factory Licensing

So that your cigarette factory is registered with the Ministry of Industry and legally recognized. You are required to register a cigarette industry license with the Ministry of Industry. The following document requirements that must be completed are:

  • Letter of request for recommendation addressed to the Director General of Agro-Industry.
  • Copy of company incorporation deed.
  • Copy of NPWP.
  • Copy of the partnership agreement of a large cigarette company.
  • Copy of proof of land ownership complete with a map of the factory location.
  • Plan of cigarette types and factory capacity.
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Selling SKT Cigarette Industry Equipment Packages

To help your SKT cigarette industry business, we PT Solo Abadi Indonesia provide equipment packages for the SKT cigarette industry. We provide equipment packages in the form of:

cigarette production machine brochure SKT
  • Glue applicator
  • Mini glare
  • Grinding
  • Push cutter
  • Smart container
  • Light Slitting
  • Guess
  • Heater wrap
  • Light Emboss
  • Selontong Mall
  • Master Slock
  • Slop heater
  • Stemple
  • Smart conveyor

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