How Good Is It to Be a Cigarette Producent?

Being a cigarette manufacturer is certainly not an easy thing, because some of the most important elements that must be prepared in establishing a cigarette company are the key to the success of the company. However, it is undeniable that the income of being a cigarette manufacturer is very profitable. So, do you know how much profit is obtained by being a cigarette product?

Before we discuss further, do you know who owns Pt Gudang Garam? Yes, he is Susilo Wonowidjojo, an owner of the largest cigarette company in Indonesia with an estimated wealth of US $ 5.3 billion or equivalent to Rp 75 trillion. PT Gudang Garam is currently known to control one-fifth of the tobacco market in Indonesia.

This is Fortunate To Be a Cigarette Manufacturer

PT Gudang Garam is one of the largest cigarette companies in Indonesia, in 2021 it reported net income in the third quarter reached Rp 4.13 trillion with total assets of Rp 83.25 trillion. Every year, the cigarette company continues to experience a rise in revenue, although during this pandemic it decreased by 26.77%. In addition, the decrease in net income is also driven by the increase in customs applied by the government.

Being a cigarette manufacturer, of course, there is a lot to consider. One of them is profit. Many people who set up cigarette companies, both legal and illegal, are able to absorb labor-intensive labor and increase the productivity of tobacco farmers. Also, the profits obtained on average can reach hundreds to trillions by becoming a cigarette manufacturer.

Another advantage of being a cigarette manufacturer is as a contribution to the state in the receipt of customs and state taxes. That way, it can help improve the wheels of the national economy.

Things to Consider in Establishing Cigarette Production

Before setting up your own cigarette company, you should pay attention to some things that will support your cigarette company. These things include:

1. Take care of the company’s establishment licensing letter

To become a legal or official company, you need to take care of licensing letters to local government officials. It is useful that your company has bagged an official letter in carrying out cigarette production activities that will later be marketed to the public.

2. Determining the target market

You need to determine a strategic target market in optimizing the distribution of your cigarette business. The right marketing can bring maximum revenue to the company. Expand connectivity with many different demographics of smokers. It’s good to connect your company with a lot of customers.

3. Determine the official license of tobacco

The right official tobacco license is able to earn large amounts of cigarette revenue. The use of a tobacco license, in this case, is useful to reduce the susceptibility to cigarette abuse.

4. Determine the right distributor

Start determining cigarette distributors to facilitate the marketing of cigarettes to the right consumers. In this case, regulation is needed. So the role of distribution by the vision and mission of the company will facilitate the marketing of cigarettes.

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