Get to Know these 4 Measuring Tools to Detect Stunting in Your Child!

Do you know that monitoring the child’s growth process through measurements to detect stunting early is very important? This has been discussed in previous articles about the importance of measuring children.

The growth of a child is not only seen from body weight, but also in height. This is because the child’s height is one of the factors that mark stunting and a marker of whether the child’s nutrition is fulfilled or not.

Many do not know that short children are a sign of chronic nutritional problems in growing children. Before taking measurements on children, it would be nice for mothers to know in advance the tools that can be used to detect stunting in children.

Measuring Tools for Detecting Stunting in Children

1. Weight Scales

Closeup of a baby’s legs on a weighing scale

Weight scales are used to determine the size of a child’s weight. With this tool, you can monitor your child’s weight development by doing it regularly from home to detect whether the child’s weight is ideal.

As technology develops, nowadays weight scales are innovating to become digital scales that are more practical and effective. Therefore, mothers can weigh children more easily.

For children who are able to stand, it can be done by standing on the digital scale, then the results of the child’s weight will be obtained. For babies, it can be done by placing the baby on a digital scale in a sleeping position, then you will see the results of the baby’s weight.

2. Stadiometer

A stadiometer is a height measuring instrument in the form of a long ruler attached to the wall and has a horizontal sliding headpiece that is adjusted to be placed on top of the head.

The way to use it is simply to place the stadiometer on a flat wall, then ask the child to stand with their feet leveled on the floor with their heels facing the corner where the wall and floor meet. Then, the head guard is pulled so that it is attached to the top of the head. That way the results of the child’s height will be obtained.

3. Infantometer

Whereas an infantometer is a board designed to be placed on a flat and hard surface to measure the body length of a child less than 2 years old on their back.

Here’s how to measure using an infantometer that is good and correct :

  1. Place the infantometer on a flat area, such as a table or floor.
  2. Place the infantometer with the head guard on the left and the slider on the right.
  3. Pull the slider panel to the limit that is estimated to be sufficient to measure the baby’s body length.
  4. Lay your little one on her back and make sure the baby’s head is attached to the head divider.
  5. Bring the legs together and press the baby’s knees until they are straight. Ensure that both feet are attached to the table or place to place the infantometer. Press the baby’s knees and straighten the soles of his feet, then slide the slider panel until they are exactly attached to the soles of your little one’s feet.
  6. Read the largest number scale on the infantomary to show the size of the baby’s body length. Don’t forget, write down the measurement results in a child’s health log.
  7. After the measurement is complete, your little one can be lifted from the infantometer.

4. Tape Lila – Measuring Tool Arm Circumference and Head Circumference

The measurement of arm circumference is used to measure the nutritional status of infants in an emergency or when the baby’s weight and height cannot be assessed accurately.

Meanwhile, head circumference measurement is an activity to determine the size of the baby’s skull and brain in normal growth.

Did You Know that Stunting can be Detected Early with A Growth Mat?

In addition to the above measuring tools, we can easily detect stunting early using growth mats. As we discussed in the previous article, the Government recommends that this tool be a reference tool for early detection of stunting used by puskesmas to posyandu throughout Indonesia.

A growth mat is a tool for early detection of stunting by measuring the length of a child under two years of age. Body length is an important measure that is most visible in a child’s growth. Thus, it is absolutely necessary for you to take measurements every month for children under two years of age.

In the measurement results of the growth mat, it will be seen whether the child is the appropriate length for their age. Growth mats have different references based on sex and age. Therefore, make sure the measurements are correct.

The Best Stunting Detection Measurement Tool in Indonesia!

In detecting stunting, we need precise and accurate tools so that the results obtained are maximized. Solo Abadi provides a variety of tools for stunting detection such as growth mats and the Anthropometry Kit-SK package.

1. Anthropometry Kit-SK Package

In addition to the Kit-SK Anthropometry packages above, we also provide a Custom SK-SK Anthropometric Package which contains stunting detection tools that can be requested according to the needs of our clients or customers.

2. Growth Mat

A growth mat is a measuring tool used to help us visualize the development and growth of a child up to 21 months of age. This tool is also used by health agencies to help detect stunting early.

Get the Anthropometric Measurement Kit Now!

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