The Importance of Measurements in Infants to Detect Early Stunting

As explained in the previous article, one way to reduce The Stunting Rate in Indonesia is to detect early independently from one’s home. Given the high stunting rate in Indonesia, where one in three children in Indonesia has a stunting problem.

A child who is stunted is also likely to be at risk of experiencing a lack of cognitive abilities which causes the child to be less intelligent. Therefore, we must be able to detect stunting.

One way to detect stunting is to measure children regularly from their respective homes using good and appropriate tools.

The sooner stunting is detected, the faster prevention and treatment efforts can be given.

Why is Measurement Important to Detect Stunting?

Stunting is a condition when a child is shorter than other children their age, or in other words, the child’s height is below standard. The standard used as a reference is the growth curve made by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Therefore, stunting is very synonymous with height and weight. If a child is detected that his height does not comply with the normal limits set by WHO, then the child is included in the category of children who are stunted.

Therefore, let’s do stunting prevention and control by taking regular measurements of children!

What Measurement Tool Is Right to Detect Stunting?

As technology develops, many companies are now innovating to create more modern and accurate stunting detection tools. The measuring instrument used must of course be in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia No.2 of 2019.

Measuring instruments used can be in the form of weight scales, stadiometer, arm and head circumference measuring instruments, growth mats, and infant rulers which have been modified in such a way that they can quickly and accurately detect stunting in toddlers according to age and gender.

By carrying out regular measurements, it will help the government to take precautions and mitigate The Reduction of Stunting Rates in Indonesia.

Best Selling Stunting Kit Products in the World!

In order to reduce stunting rates in Indonesia, Solo Abadi provides tools to detect stunting in children, which of course can work quickly, precisely, and accurately.

1. Growth Mat

A growth mat is a measuring tool used to help us visualize the development and growth of a child up to 21 months of age. This tool is also used by health agencies to help detect stunting early.

Made of quality flexi material and equipped with acrylic on the head guard, this tool is durable to use and safe for measuring your baby. The various mat designs also add to the beauty of the growth mat.

2. Infant Ruler

An infant ruler is a tool used to measure a baby’s body growth up to 99 cm. This tool is produced using quality materials that are easy to clean, and also soft to use so it is safe for the baby. The infant ruler can be rolled up thus saving storage space. In addition, there is an exclusive bag so that this tool is easy to carry anywhere.

 3. Anthropometry Kit-SK Package

How to get it?

If you are interested in our products and want to know detailed information regarding stunting kit products, please visit our website.

In addition, if you want to make a purchase or just want to ask questions regarding products, you can contact us via Whatsapp at 62851 – 0088 – 8111.

Therefore, let’s start taking regular measurements of children so that prevention and proper handling can be done to prevent stunting!

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