Selling Skinfold Caliper To Measuring Athlete’s Body Composition

Did you know that every athlete’s performance is influenced by the physical state of the athlete. Therefore, it is important to do regular and periodic checks, especially by doing body composition calculations.

Every sport in the world such as Volly, Football, Basketball, etc., demands quality physical and technical skills. This happens because, strong physique and skillful techniques can certainly affect the performance of athletes to the maximum.

Therefore, it is expected that the relevant parties who take care of the athletes are able to understand the importance of calculating body composition in athletes such as sports teachers, coaches and certain parties.

The Importance of Calculating Athlete Body Composition

In addition to the above reasons, calculating the athlete’s body composition is done to ensure that the athlete’s health is maximized. Because our body composition affects the elements for athletes are:

  • Athlete’s body strength
  • Speed and agility of athletes
  • Athlete agility

The results of the measurement of body composition that we have obtained, then serves as a reference training and the addition of nutrients or nutrients to improve the performance of athletes.

Calculating Athlete’s Body Composition Through Body Fat Calculation

There are several calculations of body composition, but on this occasion, we will discuss about the measurement of fat thickness (bodyfat). Why do we take bodyfat. Currently, training and nutritional planning for athletes takes into account body fat content, because the amount of body fat that can not negatively affect optimal sports performance. For this purpose, the determination of athletes in anthropometry plays a very important role for coaches and medical personnel.

And then what is the way to measure body fat in athletes? To calculate body fat in athletes, there are several measurements that are usually done, namely:

  • Triceps (upper forearm)
  • Biceps (upper forearm
  • Subscapular
  • Suprailiaca

Some of these parts are important for measurement. However, do you know how to measure body fat.

Correct Body Fat Measurement

To calculate the correct body fat, we must calculate the folds on the skin. Why is that? Hopefully with this, it can allow us to estimate the total percentage of fat in such athletes.

The measurement method can be done using the Skinfold Caliper tool, where it can calculate the thickness of the skin, which can later represent how much body fat. The first way of use is that researchers pinch a person’s skin in an appropriate place to remove the double layer of skin and adipose tissue underneath. Then the tool is placed to pinch the part.

And you know what, that on the Coast Sport website, it is explained that fat calculations using skinfold calipers are performed on almost all athletes in all academies and institutes in Australia. It is important to know how the ideal conditions of athletes in various sports to improve the ability to play athletes.

Skinfold Caliper as Body Fat Measurement Tool from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

Solo Abadi as the largest manufacturer of anthropometry and medical devices in Indonesia, has a skinfold caliper that can be used to measure skin folds easily. In addition, we have two types of skinfolds that can be used as follows :

 1. Harpenden Skinfold Caliper

Metrisis Harpenden Skinfold Caliper is a measuring instrument used to calculate the thickness of folds of human body skin. This calculation can be used to estimate the percentage of fat in the body.

Advantages of Skinfold Caliper:

  • The most precise instrument for measuring fat
  • Meet accurate measuring instrument standards
  • Tool operation is very easy
  • Clearly visible scale when measuring
  • Premium raw materials
  • There is a ‘floating tips’ feature complete with calibration
  • There is an Exclusive Carrying Case of Wood
  • Available instruction for using the tool

Here’s a photo from our Harpenden Skinfold Caliper :

2. Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper

Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper is an Instrument used to measure the percentage of fat through the skin layer on the body. The material of this caliper skinfold consists of ABS plastic with a design such as a gun handle that is comfortable to use. With an economical price, this tool is able to meet the needs of measurement needed.

Advantages of Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper:

  • Tool operation is very easy
  • Clearly visible scale when measuring
  • Raw materials plastic tools so that the tool is lighter
  • Easy-to-clean tool maintenance
  • Alternative skinfold at affordable price
  • Available instruction for using the tool
  • There is a double spring so that measurements can be performed consistently

Here is a photo of our Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper:

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