Benefits of a Feeder Machine on Material Processes Handling You Need to Know

In the previous article, we explained why feeder machine become a machine that has an important role in the manufacturing industry. One of the benefits of a feeder machine is that it helps the process of feeding or sending materials / products automatically so that the flow of materials in the production process becomes faster and more efficient.

In the manufacturing industry, we often hear the term Material Handling. Do you know what Material Handling is and what are its advantages?

Material Handling in the Production Process

Material Handling is the activity of moving the right goods or materials to the right destination, at the right time, in the right amount, in the right order, in the right position and in the right conditions with the aim of minimizing production costs.

Thus, the main function of a material handling system is to transport or transport materials and components between various processing stages.

Advantages of Material Handling

Material handling provides a lot of advantages and benefits for company operations. The main objectives of material handling in addition to transporting or moving goods include:

  1. Maintain product quality and prevent damage
  2. Save company operational time
  3. Streamlining the company’s operational processes
  4. Make it easier to work during the material moving process

Tools in the Material Handling Process

There are various kinds of tools used in the material handling process, including:

  1. Conveyors and Feeders
  2. Palletizers
  3. Pallet lifting devices
  4. Heavy equipment
  5. Robots

Feeder Machine in Production Process

The existence of a feeder machine in the production process is very important; because the production process can be faster and more efficient. Feeder machines are usually connected directly to a conveyor.

The main function of the feeder is to put or feed materials or materials from other places or onto conveyors so that they can be processed to the next process (continuous). For example, feeder machines in the paper and printing industry.

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In addition to feeding or dispensing materials, the Feeder Machine can also be speed regulated and can calculate the amount of material or product that is sent to the next process. By using a feeder machine, the production process can be of higher quality, including:

  1. To be faster and more efficient;
  2. Minimal errors in the production process; and
  3. Certainly, increase work productivity.

Feeder machine from Solo Abadi Indonesia

In order to meet the needs of the industry in supporting a better production process, Solo Abadi produces the best and quality Feeder Machines. Here are the various advantages of Light Feeder by Solo Abadi Indonesia:

  1. Automatic Feeder Machine;
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  5. The model is simple and ergonomic so that it can be adjusted easily;
  6. Simple machine maintenance because the machine is easy to clean
  7. Our best after-sales service; to
  8. Can send products to all regions of Indonesia to overseas.

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