The Relationship of Anthropometric Measurements in Sports We Need to Know

First, we need to know about anthropometry. It explains about how to measure the dimensions of the human body, that it is usually do regularly. Usually, these are using in some fields such as industrial, health science and product design.

But, did you know that anthropometric measurements were also carried out in the sports sector? Although in Indonesia, the use of anthropometric measurements is rarely done in the field of sports. Nevertheless, some developed countries have adopted anthropometric measurements.

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By taking anthropometric measurements, we can have data that illustrates the conditions of each athlete we will check. This occurs because the ability of an athlete is not only determined by how the skills they have. But it is also determined by the condition of their bodies.

Why does an athlete need to get anthropometric measurements?

In maximizing the athlete’s potential, several things need to be done. This is to determine the appropriate nutrition for athletes, how the type of exercise is suitable for athletes, and the intensity of training for athletes. Some of the above can be known by taking anthropometric measurements.

Appropriate nutrition affects the athlete’s performance when competing. According to one nutritionist in the field of sports namely Emilia E Achmadi MS RDN, she explained that special nutrition is needed to maximize the recovery process towards training sessions on sports athletes, this is also done to prevent injury. She also added that several countries such as America, China, and Japan, have intensely considered the nutrition consumed by their athletes since the age of 6 years.

But those things are still rarely observed in Indonesia. Though the potential of athletes in Indonesia is notably better than in other countries. We have more various human resources and good physical conditions allow Indonesia to have more competent athletes.

What anthropometric measurements do athletes need to do?

Anthropometric measurements discuss or be able to analyze the development of body shape and its relationship with health, immunity of a disease, attitude, physical abilities, and personality quality.

Here are some anthropometric measurements that are often done by athletes in sports such as:

  1. Height Measurement
  2. Weight calculation
  3. Measurement of the length of body parts such as abdominal, arm length, leg length, calf length and so on
  4. Body area measurements (body composition) such as Fat, Bone, Muscle, and Body Organ Thickness
  5. Around the body consists of chest, waist, hips, calves, and others

The measurements made earlier can be modified to the data needs that we will require. However, the more measurements are taken, the more data will be used as material for analysis.

How do you practice anthropometric measurements?

To take anthropometric measurements, there are many ways we can use. Beginning from using anthropometric measurements manually or examining the athlete’s body in a modern way. However, for the measurement needs of the sports sector, we can use tools that can support these measurement needs.

Because by using tools that suit your demands. Of course, the results of measurement data will be better than using common tools. It can then specify anthropometric measurements. Then, do you know the anthropometry that is suitable for use?

To make accurate anthropometric measurements, several anthropometric tools can be used. However, one tool that is currently capable of supporting measurements to the maximum is the Portable Anthropometry Kit.

What is a Portable Anthropometry Kit?

If you don’t know about this instrument, the portable anthropometry kit is an anthropometric measurement tool used to measure anthropometry in the human body. What is the difference between this tool and the others? There are several advantages to why using a Portable Anthropometry Kit, namely:

  1. Can be used in many parts of the human body
  2. The portable makes this tool can be used anywhere
  3. Stainless material that is safe and durable
  4. The use of this tool is very easy

In the portable anthropometry kit, there are several instruments, namely:

1. Anthropometer

2. Sliding Caliper

3. Small Spreading Caliper

Each of these tools has different applications and is applied to every demand that is needed. For this reason, take anthropometric measurements according to your needs using a tool that is safe and appropriate to use. Because proper anthropometric measurements must use appropriate and accurate anthropometric devices to be used.

For more information on anthropometric measurements in the relevant sports field. Please visit our articles related to sports or by clicking the following link.

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