The Definition Of CNC Machines And Use Of CNC Machines In The Industrial World

Indonesia itself is a country in ASEAN which has a rapid development of the manufacturing industry. According to data obtained from the Investment Coordinating Board, it is said that it is the largest manufacturing industry base in ASEAN with a contribution of 20.27% in the national economy.

The development of an increasingly global world which is then supported by technological advances makes each field automatically experience the same development. For example, on several occasions, we find that other fields of science are more developed than in recent decades. However, one of the industries that is currently growing rapidly is the manufacturing industry.

In the development of this industry, of course the use of tools is one important component. Because with the machines that suit your requirements or can even be used to produce goods faster it will be very profitable. One of the familiar tools in manufacturing itself is CNC. Then what is CNC and how is the use of CNC machines in the industrial world?

Definition of CNC

CNC machine (Computer Numerical Control) is a machine used in the Manufacturing Industry to produce components for the Engineering Sector in large numbers quickly. As the name of CNC itself, every workmanship of CNC uses a computer system that has been well formed to produce goods that match with precision.

For example, in the manufacture of objects or parts such as nuts, bolts, screws and so forth. There is a patent size or precision that must be used as needed. By using a CNC machine, the computer will easily control the machine tools in cutting or drilling various materials. Thus, the results achieved will also be following these precision measurements. Workmanship using CNC is also certainly more profitable than manual labor.

How Does a CNC Machine Work?

On a CNC machine, there is a computer that is used to process an image or design of a component that is to be created. The image is then converted into a customized program that can be read by a CNC machine afterwards. After that, the machine will automatically process the finished goods needed.

One of the advantages of this machine itself is that each program is stored in computer memory. The programmer on service can then easily write code and edit the program according to requirements. These programs can be used for different parts, and they don’t need to be repeated again and again.

CNC machines can work like robots, which is enough with the program that we input. Then, the machine will be able to process the work by itself.

Two Types of CNC Machines We Need to Know

Generally, there are two types of CNC machines namely CNC Milling and CNC Lathe.

1. CNC Milling Machine

The milling process is the process of cutting and drilling material (such as wood or metal). This milling machine, regardless of whether the machine is operated manually or via CNC, uses a rotating cylindrical tool called a milling cutter. The main contrast between milling machines and other drilling machines is the ability to cut different angles and move along different axes. So, it can be concluded that CNC Milling is used to cutting or drilling material with the help of a computer or computer system.

2. CNC Lathe Machine

CNC lathe is a machine that can be used using pre-adjusted programming. So, operators do not have to use their hands to work. The workings of this machine start when a programmer can manually design the part of the device that he wants to make. The drafted computer file design is then uploaded to the CNC machine, and the machine will then automatically produce the desired part that was previously programmed.

We Offer Precision Parts Making Services Using CNC Machines

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