What are The Accurate and Correct Understandings of Sport Science?

Now, we have started the industrial era 4.0, the period where we can carry out projects or daily work easily with the rapid development of science and technology. Many sectors and sections have been encouraged by this development, one of which is sports field.

Developments in the field of sports have experienced a massive increase in several parts of the world. This can happen because they have worked in integrating technological developments, aspects of physiology, psychology, to kinanthropometry with sports. Hence, the term “cool” appears in the world of sports called Sports Science.

Sports Science

Many people have used the term sports science, even long before the start of the industrial period 4.0. In Indonesia, many people are familiar with the term of sports science. However, some people still understand this inaccurately.

The definition of Sports Science

The understanding of sport science is a knowledge of sports. However, this is actually not quite right because it is not suitable to represent the meaning of sport science as a whole.

To continue to your insight about sports science, here are various definitions of sports science.

1. Kensport

According to one site that often discusses the world of sports, sport science is a science that applies guidelines in science to maximize sporting achievements, both national and international levels.

There are 3 fields of science in applying guidelines or principles to improve sports performance, namely physiology, psychology and biomechanics.

Physiology has a special role for athletes, which is to get used to the pattern of exercise for the body (or it can also have the meaning of their body’s response to the training they are undergoing). Thus, athletes can find out whether the form of training is appropriate or not.

Psychology has a role to provide enthusiasm, motivation and also control the emotions of athletes because these things affect the behavior of athletes.

2. Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, a sports science is a study of the application of science principles and techniques to improve performance in sports.

In applying sport science, there are fields of science that are also involved, such as physiology, psychology, biomechanics, and nutrition absorbed by athletes, sports technology, anthropometry and kinanthropometry.

3. Sport Science Handbook: I-Z dari Simon P. R. Jenkins

And the last explanation is taken from a book that deals specifically with sports science. Sports science is a science that can improve the athletic performance of athletes. Just like earlier, sport science includes various related disciplines, such as kinanthropometry, biomechanics, sports physiology, sports psychology, and sport sociology.

The Role of Kinanthropometry in Sports Science

As described in several sources earlier, several aspects must be applied in doing sports science, one of which is Kinanthropometry.

As we have explained in previous articles regarding kinanthropometry, kinanthropometry is a study that analyzes the measurements that influence the shape, proportion, composition, maturity, and nutrition of a body to understand characteristics related to human movement.

With the science of kinanthropometry, we can find out the growth and development of athletes because their body characteristics are always monitored. Positive points that can be taken by acknowledging the body characteristics of athletes is that we can maximize the form of exercise they need.

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