Know The Important Tips for Choosing the Ideal Medical Device For Babies

Along with the development of the times, health instruments are an important need that has always been crucial and must be owned by clinics and health centers. A lot of medical device products have been circulating massively through online or offline markets. However, of course, not all medical devices are suitable. We must know if the device is safe, especially if it is used for babies.

There are a few important things to note when identifying baby growth. One of them is by choosing the right health gauge for the baby. Then what are the things that need to be considered to choose the Right Medical Device for Babies?

Things To Note When Buying Measuring Instruments In Infants

In choosing medical devices with a variety of brands and models that are widely circulated in the market, of course, one must pay attention to several things. So that the medical devices used are safe and certainly accurate to use, for example measuring instruments for infants.

Tips for choosing the right measuring instrument for the baby are to pay attention :

  • Choose a measuring instrument that has legality worthy of use by the Ministry of Health.
  • Buy in the right place, and make sure the supplier/manufacturer has good credibility and trust.
  • Buy medical devices made of quality materials and not easily damaged such as Stainless Steel. Here are some tips to Learn How to Maintain Measuring Tools with Stainless Steel Material.
  • Make sure it is blunt and not sharp on the edge area of the tool to be purchased. Because for babies then make sure the equipment is safe in use.
  • Buy a measuring instrument that is easy to use and can be taken anywhere for easy use.
  • Look for complete information about the measuring instrument to be purchased.

From some aspects above are things to note in choosing the right medical device, based on information from official sources from By choosing the right medical device, it can maximize the use of the tool.

Measuring Instruments for Infants

By knowing some things to note in choosing the right medical device. We recommend a baby length gauge that suits some aspects above. It’s the Infantometer.

Infantometer is a tool used to measure the length of a child or toddler’s body. Portable Infantometer from Solo Abdi Indonesia that is tailored to the needs and can be applied in the field of health, education, etc. This infantometer is a standard measuring instrument and is used to monitor the child’s height.

So, what are the advantages of using an infantometer? Here are some advantages of using infantometers over other measuring instruments :

  • Easy to apply for measurement.
  • Clear measuring scale readings at the time of use.
  • Convenient storage of tools that make it easy to carry around.
  • Use materials that are safe to use by standards.

There are many types of Infantometers. However, we recommend our products as one of the quality Infantometer products.

Advantages of Portable Infantometer from Solo Abadi

By prioritizing quality products and competitive prices. Solo Abadi sells Infantometer which has the following advantages :

  • The measuring scale is visible at the time of measurement reading.
  • Both sides are foldable, making them easy to store.
  • Easy installation of the unit.
  • The raw materials of the tool are premium and powerful.
  • Certainty and Accuracy in measurement.
  • Exclusive bag for storing tools.

Here is a photo of infantometer products from us :

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