Learn How to Maintain Measuring Tools with Stainless Steel Material

The use of measuring instruments is basically very helpful in human life, because with this measuring instrument, there are so many objects and objects that can be produced according to the needs that arise.

As the largest producer of anthropometric measuring instruments in Indonesia, this time Solo Abadi will explain how to care for measuring instruments made of stainless steel? Maintaining what should be done on the measuring instrument.

But, before going to that, let’s look at and understand first the meaning of measuring instruments.

Definition of Measuring Instruments

Measuring tool is a tool that helps humans to find out the size of an object or event. As for the kinds of measuring instruments that exist in human life, some are used to measure mass, time, length, area, angle, temperature, pressure.

Measuring instruments require maintenance so that the precision level of the measuring instrument is not reduced so that it can display accurate numbers. If the precision level of the measuring instrument is still maintained, the workpiece being processed can be seen whether the object has reached the desired size or not.

Hollow Stainless Steel in Anthropometric Devices

There are Several Ways that can be Done to Care for The Measuring Instrument

To avoid damage or a reduction in the level of precision on measuring instruments, there are many ways to maintain measuring instruments that are often done in workshops or laboratories, as for the following ways :

1. Storing Measuring Instruments in a Closed Place

Usually, measuring instruments are stored in a locker or cupboard with room temperature so that the measuring instrument does not expand.

2. Avoid Stacking Measuring Instruments

The placement of measuring instruments should not be stacked just like that, because every object has a mass so that damage may arise due to the buildup of measuring instruments.

3. Use The Existing Cover

Always use the cover or box provided so that the measuring instrument is not damaged by direct impact from other objects.

4. Use that is on Target

Use the measuring instrument according to the instructions and instructions. For example, a stainless steel ruler is used to measure the size of an object, not as a substitute for a knife.

5. Avoid Hard Knocks

Try not to make the measuring instrument fall and hit the hard object below.

6. Avoid Measuring Instruments from Small Objects

Always clean the measuring instrument from sand or metal scraps before storing it in the measuring instrument’s storage.

7. Maintenance Regularly

Always carry out regular maintenance periodically. For example, if the measuring instrument is cleaned if there are small objects that are not part of the measuring instrument once a week or scheduled on the last day of work.

Just like the anthropometric measuring instrument produced by Solo Abadi where the raw material of this measuring instrument, namely stainless steel, receives the same treatment as mentioned earlier, so that the anthropometric measuring instrument from Solo Abadi is maintained for its accuracy.

One of the products that we produce using stainless steel itself is an anthropometric kit or portable anthropometry.

Previously, we discussed how to treat this anthropometric device with disinfectants, especially during a pandemic. So that the tool remains safe and sterile. Here are some pictures from the anthropometric tools produced by Solo Abadi.

Consult About Measuring Instrument Maintenance with Solo Abadi

Solo Abadi has reliable equipment and operators that can produce anthropometric chair parts with a high degree of accuracy and are also durable, and have also been trusted and have been widely used by many agencies.

You can visit Solo Abadi’s website to find out more about measuring instruments produced by Solo Abadi such as the Anthropometry and Metrisis Chair here. You can also contact Solo Abadi by accessing the link here. And you can also contact Whatsapp Solo Abadi or email us.

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