Understanding The Role of Posyandu to Prevent Stunting in Indonesia

Currently stunting is still a serious problem in various regions in Indonesia. Posyandu or Integrated Service Post has an important role to prevent or reduce stunting in Indonesia. But before we find out more, do you know what Posyandu is?

Explanation of Posyandu

Based on official sources from the Ministry of Health, Posyandu is a forum for community participation, which organizes a system of basic needs fulfillment services, improving human quality in leveling health services. These activities include immunization services, public nutrition education, and maternal and child health services.

Purpose and Function of Posyandu

The purpose of Posyandu according to Effendy (1998), the establishment of Posyandu itself to focus the following :

  • Accelerating the decline in maternal and child mortality.
  • Improving maternal and child health services.
  • Accelerate the acceptance of the norm of a happy prosperous little family.
  • Improving people’s ability to develop health activities.
  • Improving and building community participation in the transfer of technology to self-manage public health businesses.

Next, we will discuss the function of Posyandu, especially in remote areas. Here are some functions of Posyandu :

  • To monitor the health of mother and child.
  • As a container for exchanging information.
  • As an effort to realize a healthy society.
  • Bring health services closer to the community.

After knowing the understanding and function of Posyandu as a supporter of health programs in the community, we become more aware of the importance of Posyandu in Indonesia, right?

The Role of Posyandu to handle Stunting in Indonesia

Posyandu is the vanguard in health and nutrition services for pregnant women and toddlers. Related to the problem of stunting in Indonesia, Posyandu is the right means to socialize with local communities related to nutrition and child growth.

In Indonesia, Posyandu is on early detection and cadres in the field. Early detection is related to monitoring the growth and development of infants, so that if problems or abnormalities of baby growth 0-23 months can be detected in Posyandu. Then as a cadre or mobilizer in succeeding stunting reduction efforts through Posyandu and Puskesmas in Indonesia.

Here are some roles and efforts of Posyandu in handling Stunting in Indonesia :

  • By conducting counseling and socialization on stunting prevention.
  • Provide community service programs with the theme of stunting to parents, which is beneficial for the development of toddlers.
  • Provide cadre training and cadre counseling to be more skilled in detecting and tackling child nutrition problems, especially stunting.
  • Monitoring the growth of infants and toddlers every month in Posyandu, so that it can perform early handling in the detection of edits.

Solo Abadi Products used by Posyandu and Puskesmas in Indonesia

To prevent and reduce stunting rates in Indonesia, of course, early detection of infants from the age of 0-24 months should be done to take measurements of length on the baby’s body periodically.

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Advantages of Anthropometry Package from Solo Abadi Indonesia

Here are the advantages of the Anthropometry Package from Solo Abadi Indonesia :

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  • The simple tool makes it easy to use.
  • Getting a Parachute Bag for Anthropometry Kit storage

Here are some examples of Anthropometry Kit images from Solo Abadi Indonesia :

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