Easier to Find Prices of Anthropometry E-Catalog Kits Here!

The procurement of anthropometry kits is being intensively emphasized by the government. Because the anthropometry kit is a set of tools used in stunting detection which includes measuring height, weight, and upper arm and head circumference. That way, the existence of anthropometry kits is mandatory in every posyandu in Indonesia.

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Anthropometry procurement has been budgeted in every district/city in Indonesia through the local Health Office. This procurement is certainly adjusted to the number of puskesmas in the area. Likewise, the purchase of anthropometry kits is also through government shopping sites, namely E-Katalog. Now you don’t need to be confused anymore to shop for Anthropometry Kits in the E-Catalog! Because this is a recommendation to shop for Anthropometry Kits in the E-Catalog easily!

Shop Solo Abadi Anthropometry Kit on E-Catalog According to Budget Ceiling!

The budget ceiling from the center has dropped, it’s time to spend your Anthropometry Kit needs with the Solo Abadi Anthropometry Kit Metrisis Package. You can find a wide selection of Anthropometry Kit packages available in the PT Solo Abadi Indonesia E-Catalog storefront. Various price options according to the budget of the local Health Office can be consulted and negotiated with us.

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Various Choices of Anthropometry Kit Packages at the Solo Abadi E-Catalog Storefront!

You can easily find various choices of Anthropometry Kit packages here. This option such as the purchase of a complete package or only a partial purchase can be served by us. You can also adjust this to the needs of the quantity of Anthropometry Kit procurement in the local area. Package options here include:

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Domestic Anthropometry Kit With High TKDN Certification!

The Metrisis Anthropometry Kit Package from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia has been equipped with a TKDN certificate with a value weight above 40%. So that for the completeness of product administration, there is no need to doubt. In addition to the TKDN certificate, the Metrisis Anthropometry Kit product from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia has a distribution permit and has been standardized for calibration.

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Consult Your Needs With Us!

You can also consult about each package of Anthropometry Kit for your needs with us via our WhatsApp. You can also negotiate prices with us according to the budget limit. Get an attractive price quote from us. Don’t forget to always get the latest information from us at www.soloabadi.com.

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Anthropometry Kits Package From Solo Abadi Indonesia PT
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