Designing a Wheelchair Model for The Elderly Based on Anthropometry

A wheelchair is a tool used by people who have difficulty walking on their feet due to injury, disease, or disability. Wheelchairs really help mobility for people who have limitations in carrying out daily activities.

It is moved by being pushed by the person behind it or it can be moved by the user’s hand. But now wheelchairs come with automatic controls, making it easier for users.

In the process of designing or manufacturing a product it is very important to consider anthropometry, especially if the product you want to make pays close attention to ergonomic value based on determining body size, weight and volume of the human body, including: household products, electronics, automotive, office support, and others -other.

But, Do You Know What Anthropometry is?

Anthropometry comes from “anthro” which means human and “metri” which means measure. Anthropometry is a study of measuring the human body dimensions of bone, muscle and adipose or fat tissue (Survey, 2009).

According to (Wignjosoebro, 2008), anthropometry is a study related to measuring the dimensions of the human body. The field of anthropometry includes various measurements of the human body such as body weight, position when standing, when stretching arms, body circumference, leg length, and so on.

Currently, anthropometry has been widely used in the process of designing or manufacturing products. Fields that have applied anthropometry include industry, medicine, police and military, sports, and others.

Then, Why in Designing Wheelchairs for The Elderly Use Anthropometry?

People whose age has reached the age of 60 years and over, are very susceptible to disease, especially in the lower body which results in not being able to walk properly and being unable to carry out high mobility in carrying out activities.

Thus, tools are needed to be used to assist seniors in carrying out their daily activities. A tool that is often used is a wheelchair.

The Aspects that are Taken into Account in Designing a Wheelchair for The Elderly

  • Seat Height
  • Arm Rest Height
  • Back Rest Height
  • Seat Length (Seath Depth)
  • Seat Width
  • Back Rest Width
  • Footrest Width

Wheelchair Suitable for The Elderly

The calculations for wheelchair size based on anthropometric data on the body of the elderly are as follows :

1. Seat Height

For the height of the seat, the dimensions used are the dimensions of the folding height of the knee / popliteal using the 5% percentile. For designing seat height, it is added with a tolerance for footwear of 10 mm.

Thus, the total height for the seat is for the 5% percentile for the knee height dimension plus the footwear tolerance.

2. Arm Rest Height

For the height of the armrests, the dimension used is the dimension of the elbow height using the 5% percentile.

3. Back Rest Height

For the height of the backrest, the dimension used is the dimension of the sitting shoulder height using the 95% percentile.

4. Seat Length (Seath Depth)

For the length of the seat (seath depth). The dimensions used are the dimensions of the popliteal distance to the buttocks, using the 5% percentile.

5. Seat Width

For seat width, the dimensions used are the dimensions of the pelvis width using the 95% percentile.

6. Back Rest Width

For the width of the backrest, the dimensions used are the dimensions of the shoulder width using the 95% percentile.

7. Footrest Width

For the width of the footrest, the dimensions used are the dimensions of the length of the feet, using the 95% percentile.

In addition to the size, usually determining the right shape in the wheelchair, it will also provide comfort for the user, for example in the seat.

Ergonomic Wheelchair Design

Here we will provide examples of wheelchair designs that are ergonomic and suitable for the elderly :

Tools Used To Measure Anthropometry in Wheelchairs Production

1. Anthropometric Chair

Anthropometric Chair from Solo Abadi

The Anthropometric Chair is a tool for measuring 34 Dimensions of the Human Body. This tool makes it easy for us to take measurements that require high precision on body size. This body measuring aid can be used in three parts, namely: standing position, sitting position, and measuring the face area.

Pengukuran Berdiri Kursi Antropometri
Pengukuran Duduk Kursi Antropometri
Pengukuran Area Wajah Kursi Antropometri

This tool can also measure how long the length of the hand when it is stretched or when it is bent.

2. Metrisis – Portable Anthropometry

Portable Anthropometry Kit is an anthropometric measuring instrument used for measurements of the human body.

The function of this tool is to carry out anthropometric measurements carefully and prioritize the accuracy of the data. This instrument offers measurement capability of up to 100 measurements. Besides that, its portable form makes this tool can be used indefinitely and carried out anywhere.

How Do You Get The Products Above?

For those of you who are currently in need of products to support body measuring work, you can use the products above, namely The Anthropometric Chair and Portable Anthopometry from Solo Abadi.

You can also visit our website at or you can also come to our workshop which is located in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. You can also visit our social media Instagram @soloabadi or you can also contact us if you have questions via WhatsApp. We are ready to serve wholeheartedly and provide the best offer for you.

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