The Things That Need To Be Considerate To Avoid Work Accidents in CNC

All employee needs to be careful during the activity in order to avoid any accident. Occupational, Health, and Safety (OHS) ) in working is necessary because it may endanger the workers. Therefore, all aspects that relate to Occupational Health, and Safety (OHS) need to be considered and obeyed by the employees. If all aspects are obeyed, the productivity of the product will increase.   

What Are The Safety Rules In Using CNC Machine?

There are some rules that need to be a concern during the CNC Machine operation in avoiding the accident are:

  1. Using the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) during the working hours based on the standard given, this stage can be done to avoid flakes directly touching the skin. 
  2. Count the rotation of the machine, each material has different needs in the RPM (Revolution Per Minute) of the machine, therefore to count the RPM is needed. 
  3. Understand the machine operation, such as the ways to input G-code and the stage to convert from CAD (computer-aided design) to the G-code.
  4. Discover the ways to solve an emergency situation. The situation can be the hot level of the machine had reached the maximum level, and if an error in the machine appears. 
  5. Obey the rules and the safety sign that have been designed for the good of all employees, in order to create a comfortable space during the working hour. 

The Symbols Of Occupational, Health, and Safety (OHS) And The Meaning 

OHS has 6 symbols, each symbol has a different meaning and needs to be understood by all of the employees. Below are the explanations of the 6 symbols in OHS : 

  1. Prohibition, the symbols of prohibition are no smoking, no entering, and many more.
  2. Instruction, the symbols of instruction to all employees are to use PPE, turn off the machine, and else. 
  3. Alert, this symbol reminds the employee to give more attention to the environment or situation.
  4. Information (green), the symbols define the place around the working environment, such as assembly point, evacuation route, and many more. 
  5. Information (Red), this symbol indicates the location of equipment for emergency situations such as fire extinguishers, glass breakers, and so on.
  6. Information (white), the symbols define the basic information such as toilet, rooms, and else. 

The Personal Protective Equipment In Occupational, Health, and Safety (OHS)

In the working field, all employee needs to pay attention to the OHS, which are OHS in working. These aspects are important because they may endanger the employee and it may cost a victim. To avoid it, the employee needs to use Personal Protective Equipment in OHS.

  1. In Working attire, the employee needs to obey the working requirement such as being comfortable, not disturbing the employee, and being able to reflect the light.
  2. Shoes, and shoes are used to protect the feet from the materials that can harm the feet, for example, protect the feet from hitting by falling goods. 
  3. Glasses, protect the eyes of the employee from the flakes, the sun, or bright light from the welding process. 
  4. Glove, to protect the hands from sharp objects.

The Danger That Happened During The Use Of CNC Machines.

In the working field, danger can happen anytime, therefore employees need to abbey the rules related to OHS . Below are the dangers that usually happened in the process of operating a CNC Machine: 

  1. The Eye got hit by a splinter material, this can happen when the process of scraping the blade with other working materials. 
  2. Hand got hit by a splinter material, this accident can happen if the flakes accidentally touch that may injure the hand because of the sharp side of the material. 
  3. Hand got hit by a knife, this can happen because the employee accidentally touch the knife without using a glove.
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