The relation between Anthropology and Anthropometry Measurement

Did you know that the anthropometric approach is not only used in industrial engineering but also in other fields? Previously, we discussed anthropometrics in other fields such as industrial engineering, ergonomics, and the nutritional status of the human body.

This time, we will provide more information about anthropometry, one of which is the relationship between anthropometrics and anthropology. We explain the definition between the two sciences because we want to add information, especially related to the importance of the use of anthropometrics in various fields of science. Although anthropology is one of the fields of social science, the need for anthropology with anthropometric measurements is important. But before that, we must acknowledge about anthropology.

Identify what anthropology is?

From the name Anthropology, we can conclude briefly that Anthros means humans and logos means science. According to the American Anthropological Association (AAA), Anthropology is defined as a study of humans, both past and present. To fully understand cultural complexity throughout human history, anthropology utilizes and builds knowledge from social and biological sciences as well as humanities and physical sciences. Anthropology is a combination of various scientific disciplines that focus on understanding human nature, society, culture and its origin as a species.

In Indonesia, it is important for people to learn about human anthropology. One of them because Indonesia has a variety of different races and tribes. However, in reality, there is learning about anthropology is urgent but often ignored. In this case, the study of anthropology obtained numerical data which will then be used as an important material of analysis. This data will be able to be obtained with various measurements, but generally anthropometric measurements. Before discussing more detail about anthropometry in the science of anthropology, let us first look at the types of anthropology.

The relation between Anthropology and Anthropometry Measurement

1. Archeology

Archeology is the study of human artifacts – anything made by humans from ancient times to the present. Archeology can also be related to history that is to be understood.

2. Cultural anthropology

It can be defined as the study of living human societies and cultures. For example, in Indonesia, each race or tribe has a different culture. This is then begun to be studied by anthropologists. Besides, cultural anthropologists often work with psychologists and sociologists, as well as economists, political scientists, and historians.

3. Linguistic anthropology

Linguistic anthropology is learning about the development and relationship of languages. Linguistic anthropologists also often work with psychologists and sociologists.

4. Physical or Biological Anthropology

Physical anthropology is the study of human organisms, over time and in various countries. Paleo-anthropologists study the earliest humans and our other ancestors in the past.

Some types of anthropology above are the kinds of anthropology that exist today. In this case, anthropological measurements that most often use numerical data or self-measurements are archeology and physical anthropology. However, sometimes cultural anthropology also contributes to this.

Then starting from here, it becomes a question about how the science of anthropometry is influenced by the measurement of anthropometry itself?

Relationship of Anthropology and Anthropometric Measurement

When discussing anthropometry, of course, it is not difficult to understand anthropometry if you have previously reviewed articles from us. Anthropometry was developed as a study of the measurement of the human body or is a method of measurement on the human body. Anthropometry is related to anthropology.

This is because previously, in anthropology measurements were made on the human body and animals. Either alive or dead. This became indeed more credible when Rudolf Martin, an anthropologist from Germany, created an anthropological measurement method related to anthropometry. Besides, he also explained the idea about it in a book titled “Lehr Buch der Antroplogie” published in 1928.

Anthropometry in anthropology is usually used to measure various parts of the human body, not only limited to height but the development of the human body is an important concern. For example, by measuring the head, body, hands to feet. Each of these measurements has a different role.

Besides, Rudolf Martin also created anthropometric measuring instruments used in anthropology. This tool is the Anthropometry Kit which contains several tools consisting of an anthropometer, small spreading calipers, large spreading calipers, and sliding calipers. Each of these tools has a variety of functions with adjusted needs. This tool supports easier and more effective anthropological measurements. Also, this measurement then becomes a reference in other fields, namely forensics and anatomy.

Get to know about Anthropometry Kit

In anthropology, the use of anthropometry kits is a common thing to use. However, in Indonesia itself, it is quite difficult to find the use of this tool. One reason is that it is still difficult to supply anthropometric kits in the country. So, because of seeing how important the use of anthropometry kits and the lack of supply of these tools in Indonesia. We produce anthropometry kits inspired by anthropometry kits that were made previously by Rudolf Martin.

The Anthropometry Kit that we created is called Portable Anthropometry. Portable anthropometry has several complementary instruments. Inside there are several instruments such as an anthropometer, small sliding spreading, large spreading calipers, and sliding calipers. This tool is the same as the tool that was created by Rudolf Martin, but we refine the shape of the tool in more detail. We also use quality materials such as stainless steel.

Besides this tool is also equipped with a special suitcase to maintain the quality of goods and safety of goods. Because the name ‘Portable’ itself was inspired by the ease with which this instrument was carried. So that measurements can be done anywhere. Here are some photos from the Portable Anthropometry Kit that we have produced.

Portable Anthropometry Kit
Anthropometer which is part of Portable Anthropometry

Sliding Calipers

Small Spreading Calipers

If you are interested in knowing our products, product details that we have, do not hesitate to click on the following link. And you will be directly connected with us. Portable Anthropometry products are anthropometric measuring devices with the best quality in Indonesia.

By using this International standard, Portable Anthropometry can be the best choice as a measurement tool for the dimensions of the human body that is effective and modern.

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