Anthropometry Role in Designing Crutches for Disability

The commemoration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd, 2021 reminds us all that disabled persons, especially the ones that suffer from motoric disability still struggle to walk with the help of inappropriate crutches or mobility aids. This problem is caused by the mobility aids design doesn’t take enough care toward the anthropometry and ergonomics principle in designing the crutches for disabled persons.

Anthropomethry Designing Crutches
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Persons with a disability are not limited to the motoric problem, there are several types of disability such as sensory disability, intellectual disability, mental disability, and multiple disabilities.

Discover More about Anthropometry and Ergonomics

The term anthropometry is adapted from the word Anthropos which means a man and metron which means size. Meanwhile, anthropometry definitively means a study that is related to measuring data or human body dimension measurement. Anthropometry could be grouped into two types, as follows :

1. Static anthropometry

Static anthropometry is a measurement to examine human body dimensions in static or steady conditions. The measurement in question such as height, sleeve length, elbow height, thigh thickness, etc.

Anthropomethry Designing Crutches
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2. Dynamic anthropometry

Dynamic anthropometry is a measurement for examining human body dimensions in dynamic or moving conditions. The measurement in question such as turning the steering wheel, lifting weights, and swinging hands.

Thus, anthropometry is very near in human daily activities. This matters than making anthropomethry and ergonomics are related to designing a product. Ergonomics is a study that learns about human attitude during work.

Why Anthropomethry and Ergonomics Role Significant in Designing Crutches?

Mobility aids or crutches is a tool that transfers body weight from the leg to the upper part of the body. Crutches are commonly used by a disabled person that has trouble moving supported by the leg.

Applying anthropometry and ergonomics principles is significant in designing crutches to minimalize the injury risk during crutches use. We surely not wanting the injury to happen on the upper part of the body that should be actively moving.

Anthropomethry Designing Crutches
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Often we see crutches wearers using a tool that is not suitable for their body size, so it gives more tension to the shoulder. Fulfilling the crutches wearer needs of mobility aids that ergonomics friendly is all we need, thus it is important to pay attention to the anthropomethry of disabled person’s body dimensions.

System that Could be Used Based on Anthropometry

To pay attention to disabled person’s grips that struggle to use their uncomfortable crutch, we need to do some customization in designing crutches for them. There are two system that could be used in designing crutches based on anthropometric data :

  1. Adjusted with dimensional body size of the individual disabled person. Thus it is a perfect fit ergonomically to them.
  2. Organizing a research to observe the average size of persons with disability with some classifications.

Not only in designing crutches but anthropometry is also applied in some product design such as designing bicycles, designing furniture products, designing racing car chair, etc.

Anthropometry Measurement Tool to Design Crutches

Anthropomethry measurement result in designing crutches should be accurate and precision. Thus, we need a measurement tool that supports accurate result. Here is the best measurement tool option that could be used :

  • Anthropometry Chair
    Anthropomethry Chair produced by Solo Abadi is a measurement tool innocation in the form of chair that could be used to measuring human’s body in sitting or standing position so that it is easier and comfortable to measure body parts within only one tool. It could measure up to 34 body dimensions, It could be used in many fields such as sport, forensic, industrial technic, product design, academy, and military.
Antropometri merancang kruk
  • Portable anthropomethry kit
    Metresis – Portable anthropomethry produced by Solo Abadi Indonesia is a measurement tool derived from an anthropometry chair that is packed as a portable tool. As how innovation should be, portable anthropomethry could be used to measure more than 100 human body measurement. Just how chair anthropomethry works, portable anthropomethry could be used in various field such as sport, forensic, industrial technic, product design, academy and military.
Antropometri merancang kruk

Get anthropomethry measurement tools by Solo Abadi by filling ‘ask for price’ feature available. You could also reaching out directly through our WhatsApp, we’re ready to contact you as soon as possible.

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