The Uses and Functions of the Anthropometric Chair

Some time ago, we already explained a little about the principles of ergonomics, the importance of the application of ergonomics and how ergonomics and anthropometry relate. This time, we will explain in more detail the uses and functions of the anthropometric chair.However, if you still don’t understand what the anthropometry chair is, then we will repeat a number of explanations from the anthropometric chair. So that the reader will be able to understand further about this measuring instrument.

Actually, what is an Anthropometric Chair?

An anthropometric chair is a chair that is used as a tool in measuring the dimensions of the human body. Maybe there are still some readers who ask, why should body dimensions be measured? And what are the benefits of making these measurements?

For readers who have worked, have you ever felt an office chair that feels uncomfortable when occupied? Whether the size of the chair is shorter or the base is not wide enough? And it was so uncomfortable.

Another example when we discuss the chair on the train, why is the size made by the majority can be used by anyone even with different body sizes?

Did you know that the manufacture of chair products based on ergonomics can be measured using anthropometric chairs? This is to adjust the dimensions of the human body.

And this is related to the importance of using ergonomic principles in making mass products. Previously, we discussed this in our article. This is what we later consider to be the main function of the anthropometric chair.

Besides that, some important things why anthropometry chair is appropriate tools to be used will be described below.

Anthropometric Chair by Solo Abadi

Why we should use an Anthropometric Chair?

Some of the reasons for the anthropometry chair to measure human dimensions are:

  • Improve product accuracy and comfort

When we are using an anthropometric chair, the measurements will be more accurate so that the accuracy of measurements will affect the comfort of the products produced.

  • Save time in the measurement process

The anthropometric chair makes the measurement process became easier. In addition, in these measurements, we have provided a measurement form that can help facilitate the measurement process. So that the measurement does not use so much time.

  • Optimizing the utilization of human resources, because it can be done with only 2 people.

One other advantage of using anthropometric chair is that it does not require many people to take measurements. In this anthropometry chair, you only need one person to take measurements and the other one will record the calculation.

  • Minimize product manufacturing errors due to manual measuring errors.

Almost the same as the first point described earlier, because the accuracy of the anthropometric chair measurements can be guaranteed. So, this will minimize all kinds of errors that might occur.

What are the advantages of Anthropometric Chairs?

Well, until now, the purchase of anthropometric chair products can only be done in Solo Abadi. For readers who are still unsure about purchasing this chair. Try to look first at the advantages of the anthropometric chair products that we made. In addition,the anthropometric chairs that we have made today are far easier to use than conventional measuring instruments. The following are some of the advantages of this anthropometric chair, namely:

  • A simple and safe procedure to use.
  • Do not need an expert, just need to detail in observing.
  • Durable in use.
  • Using the right method and easy to understand.
  • System assembly knock down so that it can be kept compact and tidy.
  • The system raises and lowers the seat that has used hydraulics.

Some of these advantages make anyone able to use the anthropometric chair, because the procedure is simple and does not require special experts. In addition, anthropometric chair more durable for use for many years.

Anthropometry chairs of course make it easy for everyone to take measurements of the dimensions of the human body. Not only used to help make certain products, this chair can also be used in the science of medical practice.

Therefore, if you are a manufacturer of goods used for humans, then this chair can be a good item to support your production activity.

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