The Difference Between The Primary Clinic and The Main Clinic, See Here The Details!

The difference between a primary clinic and a main clinic. A clinic is a health service facility that provides medical examinations for the community. The clinic consists of one type of health worker-led by a doctor. The clinic itself is divided into two, namely the primary clinic and the main clinic. So what are the differences between the two clinics? Check out the following article review!

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Definition of Primary Clinic and Primary Clinic

A primary clinic is a clinic that provides general medical services that are handled directly by a general practitioner under the leadership of a general practitioner. Usually, primary clinics are owned by individuals or business entities.

Difference Between Pratam Clinic and Main Clinic

The main clinic is a clinic that provides general medical services and specialists who are handled directly by specialist doctors. Specialist doctors here are based on a discipline, age group, and a specific organ or type of disease. Usually, the main clinic is led by a dental specialist. The form of primary clinic is owned by business entities in the form of CVs or PT.

Difference Between Primary Clinic and Primary Clinic

It turns out that between the main clinic and the primary clinic there are significant differences, including:

NoPrimary ClinicsMain Clinics
1.Serving basic general examinationsServing basic and specialist general examinations
2.The leader of the primary clinic is a general practitioner or dentistThe leader of the Gautama clinic is a specialist doctor
3.Not all provide hospitalization, except in the form of business entitiesProviding hospitalization
4.Have a minimum of two doctorsHave at least one specialist
Services at Primary Clinics and Primary Clinics

However, health clinics have similarities in serving health care including:

  • Providing health services to remain safe, and quality, prioritize the interests of patients, and follow service standards and standard operational procedures.
  • Providing emergency health services to patients.
  • Have medical approval for action.
  • Organizing medical records.
  • Provide a referral system.
  • Can reject the wishes of patients who do not meet professional and ethical standards.
  • Respect the patient’s rights.
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Mandatory Equipment in Health Clinics

Mandatory equipment for health clinics

In organizing primary clinics and main clinics, it is mandatory to have mandatory equipment standards. The following is a list of equipment that must be owned by health clinics, including:

  • Examination table
  • Gynecological table
  • Infusion pole or infusion stand
  • Baby box or baby basket
  • Examination lamp
  • Tension device or sphygmomanometer
  • Fetal Dopler or baby heart monitor
  • Anthropometry kit

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