The Most Complete Table of Ideal Height for Women According to Age!

The ideal height table for women. Often we compare when adolescence women’s height is shorter than that of men. Actually, what is the ideal height table for women according to their age? Check out the review in the following article!

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Height Influencing Factors

As people get older, a person experience growth. One of them is height. Several factors affect height gain, especially for girls, including:

How to measure height according to age

1. DNA or Genetic Factors

The first causative factor is genetics or DNA. Deoxyribonucleic acid abbreviated as DNA is a molecule that carries genetics in the development and function of an organism. DNA is one of the main determinants of height. This can be influenced by hereditary factors from parents. If parents have a tall posture, their children are also influenced to have a high posture. There is a formula that can measure a child’s height called High Genetic Potential (TPG). Here is the formula for girls:

TPG for girls: (Father’s Height (cm) – 13 cm) + Mother’s Height: 2 +- 8.5 cm

2. Gender

The second factor is gender. Women and men have different heights. This is influenced by the longer growth period of men compared to women. Height increase by men is experienced when they have reached puberty. Meanwhile, women’s height increase will subside after starting the menstrual cycle, namely at the age of 12.

3. History of Congenital Disorders

The next factor can also be influenced by a history of abnormalities at birth. For example, at birth, a child experiences achondroplasia (dwarfism) or called dwarfism. It can also be affected by congenital disorders such as Turner syndrome, in which the child experiences a delay in puberty.

4. Nutrients

The next factor is nutrient intake. Nutrition is an important factor in influencing height. Nutritious and balanced nutritional intake will be able to provide fulfillment in children’s growth. But if it is the other way around, children’s nutrition will experience a delay in height compared to their peers. The provision of this nutrient intake is very important to be given during the golden growth period, namely the age after birth.

5. Environment

The environment also affects the growth of children’s height. It is stated in the journal National Library of Medicine that children raised in a poor environment will tend to experience a delay in height compared to children raised in a good environment. This environment is also influenced by social, economic, and emotional factors.

6. Physical Activity

Frequent physical activity can also affect height gain. Physical activity can be done with exercise and physical exercise. Where this can shape the posture to be higher. The following sports that can help increase height are jumping rope, jogging, basketball, athletics, badminton, and swimming.

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Ideal Height Table For Women

How to measure a woman's height

After mentioning about the factors that affect a person’s height. The following is a complete table of the ideal height for women according to their age based on the World Health Organization (WHO):

AgeIdeal Height
1 Year70-78 cm
2 Years80-92 cm
3 Years82-95 cm
4 Years83-96 cm
5 Years84-97 cm
6 Years> 104,9 cm
7 Years> 109,9 cm
8 Years> 115 cm
9 Years> 120,3 cm
10 Years> 125,8 cm
11 Years> 131,7 cm
12 Years> 137,6 cm
13 Years> 141,2 cm
14 Years> 145,9 cm
16 Years> 148,9 cm
17 Years> 149,5 cm
18 Years> 149,8 cm

The Most Accurate Height Measuring Tool For Girls

To find out the increase in height of girls, you can use a stadiometer or height measuring device. The following is most recommended height device on the market is the Metrisis Analog Stadiometer made by PT Solo Abadi Indonesia. This tool has been used by more than 1000 health agencies and is most recommended by the Ministry of Health.

Girls' Height Table

Why should you have a Metrisis Analog Stadiometer from Solo Abadi? This tool has advantages including:

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Brochure Analog Matrix Stadiometer

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