Some Functions and Types of Gears on the Machine You Need To Know

As we have discussed in previous articles, we are now in the industrial era 4.0; an era that everything is modern and technological. One of the things that have developed is gears.

Gears have developed very rapidly. Gears were made of wood when it was invented for the first time. Initially, gears were made to minimize slippage due to a lack of transmission of movement and power to the shaft.

Nowadays, gears have undergone many changes. Starting from the geometry until the materials are adjusted to the function of the gear. Previously, gears were an important component in machines that had the function of transmitting rotation from one part to another.

Gears are found in various gearboxes or production machines such as lathes. The arrangement of gears is widely found in these machines as important components of various sizes.

The Functions of Gears

Gears have various functions as precision component parts on a machine, such as:

1. Gears for Setting the Rotate Speed

The gears can adjust the rotating speed of power. The example is gears on motor engine. The gears regulate the power by giving certain gear ratios. We can increase or decrease the motor rpm by installing a gear with a ratio of 1: 2 for an electric motor that has 1400 rpm.

2. Gears for Transmitting Power

The second function is the gears can transmit power with interconnected gears without causing slippage. You can find this function at a lathe machine. The motor contained in a lathe machine may not be the main shaft to move the chuck directly. That is why gear is needed to transmit from the motor to the shaft in moving the chuck.

3. Gears for Changing Torque

Torque is a rotating force that produced by an engine (it is for acceleration). To adjust the torque can be done by providing a gear. As long as the diameter of the gear is large, the torque produced will be greater (this also applied vice versa).

4. Gears for Changing the Power Direction

Besides gears can adjust the speed to change torque, it can also change the direction of power. It can be found on dam gates or reservoirs. We can turn the door turn up and down when we turn the door handle using gears.

Types of Gears

Gears have various types and sizes with each different function. Here are various types of gears:

1. Spur Gears

These gears are often found in various places. Spur gears consisted of cylinders with teeth that form radially or pivot. These gears can only be connected in parallel.

2. External and Internal Gears

These gears are located inside the gear cylinder. The external gears have teeth outside the cylinder and it can change the direction of rotation. However, the internal gears will not affect the direction of rotation. The application of these gears can be found in the elevator.

3. Helical Gears

These gears are made to complete the spur gears. These gears are called helical because the angular teeth resemble helices. The function of helical gears is moving the force of the two shafts that form an angle.

4. Bevel Gears

The shape of bevel gears is like an umbrella or cone. These gears have a function to transmit the force or rotation between two shafts that intersect at one point.

In fact, there are many types of gears at this time besides that we mentioned before. The gears have their respective roles. To support these needs, SOLO ABADI can produce precision gears that you need in large quantities with fast.

SOLO ABADI as a Manufacturing Company

Although Solo Abadi has experience hardships in the early of this pandemic, we can still stand firm as a manufacturing company. We will serve every need of manufacturing precision machinery components or special custom products.

Our company can still give your needs without any reduction in production, services to after-sales services. By upholding our tagline, “We Serve You Better”, we will always serve the needs of our clients without exception.

In the midst of the pandemic, Solo Abadi really put attention to all of the production processes. We have done check the cleanliness every day; starting from using masks, putting hand sanitizers in each place to maintaining cleanliness by mopping the floor and cleaning every door algae using disinfectants.

We Provide Manufacturing Services for Creating Precision Parts and Special Custom Products with CNC Machines

As a manufacturing company that has been established for 15 years, Solo Abadi has been trusted by many clients and has produced thousands of engine parts and special custom products. Here are the various services that you can get:

  1. Precision Lathe Machining Services;
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As a proof of our professionalism, here are some photos of the precision components we have produced.

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