The Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) to the Manufacturing Industry

In the early fasting month, most people will certainly welcome it with joy. Ranging from many food stands to break the fast at various places, buy new clothes to visit the place of your beloved family. However, the fasting month feels different this year because of coronavirus or COVID-19.

The existence of coronavirus that has attacked in every place in the world since the beginning of the year brought many negative impacts on all lines. Starting from the clothing industry, food, transportation, tourism to manufacturing suffered a huge loss.

Manufacturing activities, especially in Indonesia, experienced the biggest decline this March. According to a survey conducted by IHS Markit, Indonesia’s manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) experienced a decline which was originally at the level of 51.9% in February to 45.3% in March.

One of the causes of the manufacturing industry plummet was due to the corona outbreak that forced many factories to close so that the supply chain was in chaos. The number of imports of raw materials and capital goods also declined quite dramatically. This indicates that production activities in this country are really sluggish.

High Demand for Precision Machinery Parts in the Industrial World

One tangible impact of losses is companies that need precision components to maintain their companies. The examples are the automotive industry which requires a supplier of precision components and the mining industry who need precision components to maintain their mining machinery.

They are having difficulty getting all of their needs because many manufacturing companies that producing precision spare-parts have been forced to close (even they decided to out of business because of the lack of preparation for this pandemic).

The reasons why manufacturing companies that can survive in this situation are they have good savings and cash flow and also they have valuable assets. One of the examples of valuable assets for manufacturing companies is investing their income by upgrading their machine into lather or milling CNC.

Various Benefits that Obtained from CNC Machine

There are many benefits and advantages that you can obtain by using CNC machines in the production process. The common benefit that you can get is you can produce precision machined components in large quantities in a short period of time. Moreover, here are some of the benefits you can get:

  1. The production process can be reached quickly;
  2. The level measurements accuracy will more accurate;
  3. The number of losses will reduce (waste of components due to failure);
  4. The time needed in the manufacturing process is much faster;
  5. CNC machines do not take up much space, etc.

As we all know, purchasing CNC machines in this situation is very difficult. Therefore, if you need the service of creating precision machine parts or special product machines/ custom products in large quantities and quickly, SOLO ABADI can serve your needs.

SOLO ABADI can Defend Its Fleet in this Situation

Although Solo Abadi has experience hardships in the early of this pandemic, we can still stand firm as a manufacturing company. We will serve every need of manufacturing precision machinery components or special custom products.

Our company can still give your needs without any reduction in production, services to after-sales services. By upholding our tagline, “We Serve You Better”, we will always serve the needs of our clients without exception.

In the midst of the pandemic, Solo Abadi really put attention to all of the production processes. We have done check the cleanliness every day; starting from using masks, putting hand sanitizers in each place to maintaining cleanliness by mopping the floor and cleaning every door algae using disinfectants.

We Provide Manufacturing Services for Creating Precision Parts and Special Custom Products

As a manufacturing company that has been established for 15 years, Solo Abadi has been trusted by many clients and has produced thousands of engine parts and special custom products. Here are the various services that you can get:

  1. Precision Lathe Machining Services;
  2. Precision Milling Machining Services;
  3. Precision Fabrication Machining Services;
  4. Precision Machining Services; and
  5. Special Product Machine Services.

If you are interested in collaborating with Solo Abadi, you can contact us through the following link. You can contact us by clicking the WhatsApp icon in the lower right corner.

As a proof of our professionalism, here are some photos of the precision components we have produced.

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