Selling Machine to Give Production Codes on Cigarette Packs

As a city with the epithet of the heart of Java, Solo is famous cause its historical and cultural. In the other side, Solo has become a paradise for culinary lovers. In that city, Solo Abadi was born and determined to continue advanced with new industrial era. As a manufacturing company, Solo Abadi offers innovations through cigarette machines that are designed and produced. One of the cigarette machines produced by Solo Abadi is the Light Emboss 210 Machine. This machine serves to provide dater codes or production codes on cigarette packs.

Production Code on Cigarette Packs
Production Code on Cigarette Packs

Light Emboss 210 Machine working to give a dater code or production code by embossing cigarette packs. This machine can be used to work on etiquette with a variety of paper thicknesses, various of length and width of paper, and with various adjustable positions. The use of the Light Emboss 210 Machine is so important because the production code or dater code is crucial in the cigarette industry.

The dater code or production code give information for the prospective costumers when the cigarettes are produced. Cigarette that show the dater code or production code get more trust from the prospective customers compared with cigarettes that do not show the production code on the packs. That consideration made us decide to sell Light Emboss 210 Machine.

Specification of Light Emboss 210 Machine

Light Emboss 210 Machine
Light Emboss 210 Machine
  • Dimension: 835 X 385 X 760 mm
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Capacity of Hopper: 3000 sheet
  • Maximum Size of Etiquette: 220 x 200 mm
  • Maximum Amount of Emboss Code: 13 digit
  • Maximum Speed of Emboss: 300 sheet/minutes
  • Power: 220V AC, 50Hz
  • Power Usage: 0,4k Watt

If your company want to know the price of Light Emboss 210 Machine, please click this following link.  You can also contact Solo Abadi by phone or sending text by whatsapp, our Customer Service will answer your questions happily.

As additional information, some cigarrete company that has use Light Emboss 210 Machine are PT. Gudang Garam Tbk, PT. Karyadibya Mahardika, dan PT. Panen. Make sure your company is the next company that get profit from the best performance of Light Emboss 210 Machine.

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