Cigarette Industry in Indonesia

Cigarette industry in Indonesia is one of the biggest contributor of Indonesian economic. Cigarette industry need a lot of labor and it’s a nice fact. In our country, cigarette industry provide employment opportunities for thousands employee. But, many obtacles head off cigarette industry. Slowly but sure, the government sign more regulations for cigarettes industry. However, cigarettes is a product which can be viewed by two sides, positive and negative.

Warning picture on cigarette packs
Warning picture on cigarette packs (Source: Flickr)

In recent years we have rules regarding the issue of warning pictures on cigarette packs, or increased of excise. But, the warning images on cigarette packs or an increase in excise does not make cigarette industries collaps. The cigarette industries still has a large opportunities in Indonesian market

Marketplace for cigarette industries still relatively good because cigarette is something closer for society. We easily find cigarette when some people in a crowd. Cigarette are able to penetrate social classifications in a society.

Classification between rich and poor people seem so clear. The classification can identify by some factors: job, education, fashion, jewelry, home and property, food, and so many.

Indonesian People Like to Smoke

The categorization of people based on wealth owned can be disguised or even lost and not visible at all when viewed from the choice of cigarettes consumed. People from various circles are very likely to have a penchant for consuming the same type or brand of cigarettes. As a smokers, we feel or experienced for not having differences in social and economic status just because of cigarette case. We have a same choice of cigarette.

Record of history stated that Indonesian people from various groups, social level, job position, and many more like to smoke. From celebrity to farmers, from president to carpenter. No wonder the cigarette industry is able to survive and continue to grow as the age goes by. Cigarettes are an industrial product that is able to contribute greatly to the economy in Indonesia. The Minister of Industry in the era of Kabinet Kerja, Airlangga Hartarto, in a press release on the official website of stated that the tobacco industry had a high contribution after the food and beverage industry for Indonesian economyc.

Hand Clove Cigarette Industry in Indonesia

We know three types of cigarettes in Indonesia. The three types are Hand Clove Cigarettes, Machine Glove Cigarettes, and Machine White Cigarettes.

Hand Clove Cigarettes is the earliest type of cigarette known and produced in Indonesia. Clove is a product and moreover a cultural heritage, so its very close to the people of Indonesia. Until now Hand Clove Cigarette still a favorite for smokers. Indonesian Clove is not only well-known domestically, but also a special thing among foreign smokers.

Clove Cigarette Industry in Indonesia
Clove Cigarette Industry in Indonesia (Source: Flickr)

Despite the growth of technology is wetlands for the proliferation of the Machine Glove Cigarettes and Machine White Cigarettes types of cigarette industry, the fact today gave good news that Hand Glove Cigarettes did not lose its selling power. Hand Glove Cigarettes is produced with the services of creative hands of the workers. Thousands of workers in a well-known glove cigarette company every day produce stems by cigarettes with the quality and standards set by the company concerned.

Production Code or Dater Code

Hand Glove Cigarette production cannot rely solely on the skills of the workers. In other processes, the production of Hand Glove Cigarette also requires the use of machine. One of the machines is to provide a production code or dater code on cigarette packs. As we know, production codes or dater codes are important things that are inseparable from cigarettes. Providing production codes inform consumers when the cigarette was made.

Production codes or dater codes on cigarette
Production codes or dater codes on cigarette packs (Source: Flickr)

Production codes make the customers easily to choose will buy the cigarette or not. For example, a prospective customer faced with two cigarette packs that has different production codes. First cigarette show that the production codes was on 2018. While the second packs show that the production codes on 2019. We are easily guessing which cigarette will choosen by the prospective customer.

In the process of providing production codes or dater codes, Light Emboss 210 Machine can be the best choice of cigarette industry companies. Decision to choose Light Emboss 210 Machines is not without reason. Solo Abadi as a machine manufacturer company has presented Light Emboss 210 Machines with the best qualifications and performance.

Light Emboss 210 Machine
Light Emboss 210 Machine

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