Functions and Advantages of Portable Anthropometry Kit

Measurement of human body dimensions can be done in various ways and various instruments. One of the most popular anthropometric measuring instruments used is portable anthropometry. Portable anthropometry is an anthropometric measuring instrument consisting of several parts inside. Some of these parts are:

  1. A Set of Anthropometry Tools
  2. Branches Measurement Curve
  3. Small Spreading Calliper
  4. Sliding Calliper
Portable Anthropometry Kit

The tool has its own functions and uses. And most importantly, this tool is used for the benefit of more effective and modern measurements of the human body. Portable Anthropometry is also known as Martin GPM type Anthropometry Kit. Because this tool was discovered by Rudolf Martin. In addition, this instrument is also sometimes used in healthcare.

The Use of Portable Anthropometry in the Health Sector

Anthropometric measurement in the health sector is a necessity and becomes an important urgency. In the health sector, anthropometric measurements are carried out periodically. Often, anthropometric measurements are used in research regularly. Apart from this it is used to find out data from a population with certain conditions.

The functions of anthropometric measurements in the health field are:

  1. Knowing the development of the body of the population under study
  2. Data that can be used can be analyzed related to nutritional status that affects growth or development
  3. Used as a reference in making ergonomic mass products
  4. Helps find variables that are related to the development or growth of the human dimension.

Some of the functions above can be achieved properly if the anthropometric measurements are used using anthropometric kits or portable anthropometry. This is because in this tool there are already complete tools that help realize this function. This tool can represent all required measurements, such as measurements of body height, measurements on the head and measurements on transverse parts. Some of the photos below are measurements made using tools in the Portable Anthropometry Set.

Head Measurement Using Spreading Calliper
Face Measurement Using Sliding Calliper
Height Measurement Using an Anthropometer
Measurements Using Anthropometry and Branches Measurement Curve

Functions and Advantages of Portable Anthropometry

After getting to know about the functions contained in Portable Anthropometry, especially in the health field. The advantages of Portable Anthropometry itself are as follows:

1. It helps to measure the height, width, length and depth to the dimensions of the human body.

In this set of anthropometric measurement tools, not just height and width that can be measured. But also the depth of an object. In addition, this tool can not only measure body dimensions that are straight but curved or transverse.

2. There are four instruments that can support the measurement.

As mentioned, this tool consists of four instruments that complement each other. These tools are made with the importance of the right precision. In addition, the material of each tool is stainless steel

3. Easy to use because the measurement used is simple.

Portable Anthropometry is an instrument that can be used by anyone. This is because its use is indeed made to be more friendly. In addition, luggage that complements this tool makes measurements can be done anywhere and anytime. This tool will be very suitable for use in measurement, especially in the field of health research.

4. Proven accuracy, durability and ease of use.

Portable Anthropometry has proven its durability. The manufacturing materials of this instrument are stainless steel ranging from anthropometers, branches measurement curves, sliding calliper and spreading calliper. In addition, the simple shape makes this tool easy to use.

Some of the explanations above are functions and uses of Portable Anthropometry or Anthropometry Kits. If you are interested in knowing about portable anthropometry, please click the link beside. Complete your health laboratory using Portable Anthropometry from Solo Abadi.

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