Selling Automatic Cigarettes Peel Machine

Light Cigarettes Slitting Machine is the best automatic machine to peel damaged cigarettes which can be bought in Solo Abadi. Light Cigarettes Slitting Machine can be solution for the problems of cigarettes company. This machine work effectively to peel the damaged cigarettes. Using Light Cigarettes Slitting save more time and cost. It can bring your cigarettes company get more profit.

Hand Clove Cigarettes that rolled by workers has opportunity to be damaged or not appropriate to the company’s standard set. Damaged cigarettes can not proceed by the next production level, so the cigarettes company can’t sell it. In other words, damaged cigarettes bring in company losses.

Ilustrasion of the loss company
Ilustrasion of the loss company

Meanwhile, peel the damaged cigarettes manually need more time and also cost. Peel the damaged cigarettes manually not a wise decision for cigarettes company with high productivity. So, using Light Cigarettes Slitting Machine need to be considered even should have been done.

Solo Abadi as a manufacture company that produced cigarettes machine offer Light Cigarettes Slitting Machine. Light Cigarettes Slitting Machine is a automatic machine to peel cigarettes that designed and produced by CV. Solo Abadi. Design of this automatic cigarettes peel machine comes from the existence of many problems faced by cigarette company.

Specification of Light Cigarettes Slitting Machine

  • Dimensions: 1456 x 502 x 872 mm
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Capacity of Hopper: 100 cigarette stick
  • Maximum Size of Cigarette: 10,5 x 85 mm
  • Maximum Speed of Slitting: 150 cigarette stick/minutes
  • Power: 220V AC, 50Hz
  • Power Usage: 0,2 KW
Light Cigarettes Slitting Machine
Light Cigarettes Slitting Machine

If your company want to know the price of Light Cigarette Slitting Machine, please click this following link. Meanwhile, you can ask questions about Light Cigarette Slitting Machine by calling on phone or sending whatsapp message to our Customer Service. Solo Abadi ensure your rights as a prosperous costumer to get more information about our product.

For additional information, cigarettes company which uses Light Cigarettes Slitting Machine produced by Solo Abadi is PT. Gudang Garam Tbk.

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