Creating the Ideal Military Car, with Anthropometric Aspects

On this occasion, we will discuss anthropometrics measurement in realizing the ideal dimensions of military vehicles. Military vehicles are the main strength of Indonesia’s weapons system, most of which still use old vehicles and supplies of foreign products.

The Role of Anthropometrics in Determining the Dimensions of Military Vehicles

Anthropometry is the study of human body size which includes length, width and other dimensions. In the context of military vehicle design, a deep understanding of anthropometry is the main basis. This not only impacts user comfort but can also improve operational effectiveness. Anthropometric dimensions in military vehicle cabins are not just measurements but are the key to creating optimal, tough, and reliable vehicles in various battlefield conditions. Below are important dimensions to create the ideal military vehicle.

In realizing the ideal military vehicle cabin, it is necessary to carry out anthropometric measurements on humans. Military vehicle ergonomics are the main goal in terms of design. Good ergonomics not only improve operational efficiency but also provide comfort and protection for personnel. The following are some of the human anthropometric dimensions used:

By obtaining measurements of variations in human anthropometric dimensions, designers can create appropriate and ergonomic interior spaces for military personnel. This includes adjusting the control seat and workspace so that the user can operate optimally. Thus, anthropometric harmony in the design of military vehicle dimensions is not only about meeting technical standards but about respecting the diversity of the human body to achieve optimal levels of efficiency and well-being on the battlefield.

Accurate Military Vehicle Dimension Determination Tool

One of the tools for accurately determining the dimensions of military vehicles is the Portable Anthropometric Kit, an anthropometric measuring tool made by Solo Abadi. The portable Anthropometric Kit is specially designed to measure human body dimensions efficiently and accurately. The main function of this tool is to carry out careful anthropometric measurements, ensuring the accuracy of the data obtained.

The advantage of this tool lies in its ability to take 100 measurements, and its portable design allows for unlimited use and can be done anywhere. Thus, portable anthropometric kits become an ideal solution for determining accurate vehicle dimensions.

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This article was written by Veronica Putri Ning Nugraha, ATMI Surakarta Polytechnic Student, Manufacturing Design Study Program

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