Tractor Cabin Design? Learn How to Design It With The Suitability of Anthropometry and Ergonomics

Growing awareness of the potential benefits of tractor-cab design has had an important impact on work efficiency. An important factor influencing efficiency in vehicle operation is the degree to which automotive equipment is designed to achieve tractor design ergonomic. Before that, let’s look at the explanation about tractors!

What is a Tractor?

Tractor comes from the word trahere which means to pull. The use of the term “tractor,” which was then defined as “a vehicle or machine used to pull a cart or plow,” began in 1896, originating from the term “traction engine” which first appeared in 1859.

The definition of a tractor is an engineering vehicle specifically designed for high traction at low speed, which aims to pull trailers or machines such as those used in agriculture, and mining, or to describe agricultural vehicles that provide high power and traction.

Types of Tractors

The role of tractors is very important in agricultural activities, especially in cultivating land. This tool plays an important role in speeding up planting, harvesting, plowing, loosening the soil, planting trees, and transporting the harvest. As an irreplaceable tool, tractors have a crucial role in supporting efficiency and productivity in agriculture. Various types of tractors have been developed to meet global market needs, namely:

  • Four wheels, this tractor has a strong suspension so it can work in difficult terrain
  • Electric, electric tractors have a small size so they can work in narrow areas and are currently starting to become popular because they are considered environmentally friendly
  • Two Wheels or Hand, a tractor that is suitable for working on small agricultural land and has 2 wheels

Compliance with Anthropometrics and Ergonomic Design

This time we will discuss the suitability of anthropometric measurements for ergonomic four-wheeled tractor cab design. Let’s find out together!

When designing a tractor cab, anthropometry is taken into account, meaning that the dimensions in the cab are adjusted to the driver’s body shape. Several dimensions are used to obtain anthropometric measurement data, namely:

The dimensions required in designing an ergonomic four-wheeled tractor cab require detailed and accurate measurements. Not only measurements, but as a designer also understands the movements that may be made by the operator in operating this four-wheeled tractor through the biomechanical image below.

Good design also pays attention to ergonomics by involving posture and body movements when sitting in the cabin. Sitting for too long with the wrong posture can have a bad impact on your health, especially your back. The ergonomic design will maintain the operator’s body posture and provide comfort while working for long periods. The following is the optimal configuration of a four-wheeled tractor design from research conducted by Rajvir Yadav et al (2017).

Optimize Ergonomic Tractor Cab Design with Anthropometric Measuring Tools

To ensure optimal anthropometric measurements in designing a four-wheeled tractor cab, accurate and adequate measuring equipment is needed. There are various types of measuring instruments that can be used to identify and calculate the dimensions of the human body. One method is to use an anthropometric measuring instrument that covers all parts of the body.

Solo Abadi is a manufacturing company that provides various anthropometric measuring equipment products, one of which is the Metrisis-Portable Anthropometric Kit. This tool is equipped with several devices that allow users to take accurate measurements. Even metrisis can measure up to 100 dimensions of the human body. Another advantage of this tool is its ability to be carried anywhere easily.

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This article was written by Veronica Putri Ning Nugraha, ATMI Surakarta Polytechnic Student, Manufacturing Design Study Program

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