Application of Anthropometric Chairs in Industrial Practicums

On this occasion, we would like to explain Anthropometry Science. Anthropometry is an important science used to measure the dimensions of the human body. The use of anthropometric science is closely related to daily human activities. In addition, anthropometric science can also be applied in the field of education. For example, anthropometry is used as teaching material and practicums. One practicum that applies anthropometric science in industrial engineering.

practicum with measurement of the dimensions of the human body in industrial laboratories
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Each study has logging that combines two methods, namely theory with practice. The method of practice is usually done in a place called a laboratory. In this laboratory, there are usually tools that are used as a support for learning practices. One of them is in an industrial engineering laboratory that has an ergonomic practicum. In ergonomic practices in the laboratory, the work equipment used is one of the anthropometric chairs.

How is the application of anthropometric chairs in industrial practicums? Check out this short article review.

Anthropometry and Ergonomics

In previous articles, we often discussed anthropometry and ergonomics. Anthropometry is a field of science used in measuring the dimensions of the human body. Meanwhile, ergonomics is a field of science that studies the conformity between work tools and humans which includes workplace design, how to work, work methods, to work evaluation with aspects of safety, health, and occupational safety.

Anthropometry and ergonomics in industrial engineering
Source: Arsitur Studio

In industrial engineering, anthropometry and ergonomics are interrelated. In this department, anthropometry becomes part of ergonomics that studies the dimension size of the human body to do the size or area of the area or work equipment that is comfortable for use in human work in general.

Anthropometric measurements are carried out in ergonomic laboratories using an anthropometric chair. Anthropometric chairs are one of the practicum equipment used for measuring the dimensions of the human body in sitting and standing positions. The use of anthropometric chairs is necessary to obtain human body size data before designing equipment and workstations.

The existence of anthropometric chairs can later be used in the field of product design and manufacturing processes. The goal is to get practicum activities that are integrated between ergonomics and work design.

Anthropometric Chairs in Industrial Practicum

Anthropometric chairs in industrial practicums are used in the taking of the dimension size of the human body in both sitting and standing positions. The dimension size of the human body taken includes measurements of the feet, body, and head.

how to apply anthropometric chairs in size collection in industrial engineering laboratories
Measurement of Dimensions of the Human Body With Anthropometric Chairs

The way it is measured is that each student makes measurements of his body dimensions. Furthermore, students conduct data processing to find out the level of adequacy and uniformity of the data.

The dimensions of the human body measured using anthropometric chairs are:

  1. Height of standing position upright
  2. Eye height
  3. Shoulder height
  4. Elbow height
  5. The height of the handgrip in the lower relaxed position
  6. Height of sitting position
  7. High eye sitting position
  8. Shoulder height sitting position
  9. Elbow height sitting position
  10. Thick thighs
  11. Distance of buttocks to knees
  12. The distance of folding the knee (popliteal) to the buttocks
  13. Knee height
  14. Knee-length height (popliteal)
  15. Shoulder width (deltoid)
  16. Pelvic width
  17. Chest thick
  18. Thick abdomen (abdominal)
  19. Right to the fingertips
  20. Head width
  21. Length of hand
  22. Hand width
  23. Span distance from the fingertips of the left hand to the right
  24. The height of the handgrip (grip) on the vertical hand position upwards and standing upright
  25. The height of the handgrip (grip) on the vertical hand position up and sitting
  26. The distance of handgrip (grip) to the back in the position of the hand forward (horizontal)

Measurement using anthropometric chairs in industrial practicums is more helpful than manual measurement. This saves more time and the measurement data obtained is more accurate than seatless measurements.

Anthropometric Chairs From Solo Abadi

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is one of the largest measuring instrument manufacturers in Indonesia providing one of its superior products, the Anthropometric Chair. Anthropometric chairs of Solo Abadi have several advantages, including:

Anthropometric chair shape of Solo Abadi
Anthropometric Chairs From Solo Abadi
  1. Accurate and safe measuring devices
  2. Measurement with efficient time
  3. Can optimize human resources
  4. Can minimize data errors

This Anthropometric chair from Solo Abadi has been used by more than 40 universities in Indonesia as learning materials in the laboratory. For your major program that needs an anthropometric chair as a student practicum tool, just contact us via WhatsApp. You can also directly fill out the ASK FOR PRICE for the price quote.

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