The Importance of Comfort in the Science of Ergonomics to Increase the Selling Power of Your Product

Ergonomics is the study of interactions between humans and other elements in a system, as well as professions that practice theory, principles, data, and methods in design to optimize the system to suit human needs, weaknesses and skills.As we saw in the previous article, in the article ‘Get to Know the Science of Ergonomics before Making Mass Products‘. In its development, Ergonomics is a very important thing to help humans feel comfortable and secure in their daily activities.

If you notice, the actual application of ergonomic, has been something that we already feel every day. As in the working position, consisting of a sitting and standing position, the worker process that can easily reach the working equipment, positioning system display that is clearly visible at the time of doing work activities, as well as how to lift weights like to use your head, shoulders, hands, etc.

Pentingnya ergonomi untuk kehidupan sehari-hari
The importance of ergonomic science in work space

There are several things you need to know, in the ergonomics method there few ways to find out the comfort data of a place of business or product that is produced, including by:

1. Diagnosis

Usually this method is done by interviewing workers, direct inspection to the workplace, physical assessment, and lighting testing.

2. Treatment

Solving ergonomic problems will depend on basic data at the time of diagnosis. Sometimes it’s very simple like changing the position of the furniture or the location of the appropriate window.

3. Follow-up

Subjective evaluation (asking about comfort, body parts, pain, shoulder pain, etc.) or objectively (with rejected product parameters, sick absenteeism, accident rates, etc.).

The simplest example of the application of Ergonomics in everyday life is the chair product with humans who use it. The logic is simple, if we sit in comfortable chairs, then we can work more comfortably and relax so that the concentration is maintained, the result is that our work is also good. By using the seats are comfortable and safe seat makes us linger in using the product the seat.

Pentingnya ergonomi untuk kehidupan sehari-hari
The importance of ergonomic science in work space

In making mass products such as our example above, namely chair products, it would be nice to pay attention to the basic philosophy of furniture design, so that the products produced not only become good seats in design, but also become safe and comfortable chairs.

The philosophy includes:

1. Unity and Harmony

Namely the chair product is considered as a unit where all existing elements are complementary and continuous.

2. Balance

The resulting product means the seat is not too skewed to one of the side, because everything balanced to create unity and harmony.

3. Vocal Point

The point is the accent that becomes the attraction of the chair’s furniture products. For example, giving a certain color or shape can also be used as a vocal point.

4. Rhytim

Rhythm is all patterns of repetition about visuals in a product. Rhythm is also defined as the continuity of a conceptualized making.

5. Details on the design

Details on the product design of the chair include all the items on the product. With the support of ergonomic design, it is expected that the products produced will feel comfortable for the users.

6. Scale and Propose

Scale and proportion here affect the level of comfort when using the product, so it is expected to be able to make users feel like lingering when using it.

7. Color

Color in product design also affects the mood of its users. Soft colors will tend to create a calming atmosphere, while bright colors will provide a fresh / fresh atmosphere.

In making the tools used in the wood industry techniques that are used must also be considered so that the products produced are able to sell well in the market, such as meters, elbow rulers, pencils, hammers, sander machines, planer machines, jointer machines. Not only carpentry tools, tools for filling size data are also needed so that results are more accurate. And the study of body calculations is called anthropometry.

As for one of the tools that can be used for measurement in making furniture products is the anthropometry chair.

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