Height Measurement Tool For Police and Army Tests

Many people want to enlist and join the military, namely as members of the Police and also the Army. Several things become standards and conditions in the selection process to enter the Police and Army, through selection tests held by agencies. One important requirement that can be seen physically is the height requirement.

The minimum height to be achieved is 165 cm for men and 163 cm for women. For those of you who do not have a height as the standards set above, it does not mean you do not have the opportunity to participate in the selection of police and army.

However, it can be done with some effort and prepare well, one of which is to do physical activities that can increase the height or even consume a safe body-enhancing supplement and officially have an official BPOM permit. While doing some physical exercise, you should also monitor the growth of height periodically with an accurate and precise height gauge.

Accurate Height Gauge

Currently, many height gauges are circulating in the medical device market. The number of height gauges in circulation, making the fulfillment of needs and supply overflow but most goods in the supply are inaccurate and vulnerable to damage.

In choosing a height gauge we must pay attention to several things including :

  • Make sure the High Gauge you buy is accurate, precise, and standardized by the Department of Health (DepHealth).
  • Make sure to use materials that are safe to use and materials that are not easily damaged.
  • Choose products that facilitate the use or application, as well as how to care for their products.
  • Choose a product that is guaranteed and trusted, can be by looking at the assessment or review of previous buyers.
  • Lastly, buy a quality product but still at a reasonable price.

Some of these things can be a reference in buying the right height gauge according to your needs.

By monitoring the height periodically, it can monitor the growth of height appropriately. It will know the extent of the preparations made before arriving, the entrance test of the police, or army selection. In addition to being supported by physical exercise and monitoring of height periodically, it is also accompanied by the fulfillment of healthy nutritional needs.

Appropriate Height Gauge from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is a manufacturing company and manufacturer of original measuring instruments made in Indonesia. The High Body Gauge (Stadiometer) produced by Solo Abadi Indonesia already has a marketing permit from the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

Stadiometer from Solo Abadi Indonesia

Stadiometer instruments are used to perform measurements of human height for both adults and children. This instrument can be the main choice for you to make more accurate and precise measurements. Its portable shape makes it easy for us to take measurements anytime and anywhere.

Why Stadiometer Solo Abadi Indonesia?

In addition to the quality and accuracy in measurement. Stadiometer from Solo Abdi Indonesia has bagged an official Edar Permit from the Indonesian Ministry of Health with Domestic Medical Devices number AKD 10903121599. So it has been ascertained following the standards and accuracy of the Ministry of Health.

Solo Abadi Indonesia has also been registered as the official Manufacturer and Distributor of Medical Devices at the Ministry of Health of Indonesia. Some solo Abadi Indonesia products, one of which is Stadiometer, have been used by several health agencies both from the country and abroad.

Advantages of Stadiometer Height Gauge from Solo Abadi Indonesia

  • The scale is visible when measuring the easy reading of stadiometer results
  • Base Stadiometer that is thicker and wider to maintain body balance
  • Installation of instruments is very easy and can be done by anyone.
  • Certainty in measurement accuracy
  • An exclusive bag that is practical for storing instruments

Here are some pictures of Stadiometer Solo Abadi Indonesia products :

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