The Importance of Anthropometry in Architecture, Supports Mobility and Space

A beautiful home room is everyone’s dream. But do you know? That beautiful is not enough, the room must also be comfortable and safe. Comfortable is meant to be friendly with the dimensions of the human body or anthropometry. Anthropometry plays an important role in supporting the mobility and space requirements of a building. Therefore, the role of anthropometry is closely related to architecture.

Anthropometry is considered in order to achieve ergonomic principles. Ergonomics itself is an important component to consider, especially if the room to be built has a narrow and limited size. Ergonomics is a science that studies the interaction between humans and other elements in a system. As well as a profession that practices theories, principles, data, and methods in designing to optimize systems to suit human needs, weaknesses, and skills.

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So how does anthropometry play a role in the field of architecture, creating a comfortable room that facilitates mobility and space requirements? Let’s discuss together!

What is Anthropometry ?

The term anthropometry is adapted from two ancient Greek words, namely “anthro” which means human (man) and “metron” which means measure. Anthropometry is generally defined as a study that is closely related to the measurement of the dimensions of the human body. And the science of anthropometry itself is part of the science of ergonomics which is specialized in studying body size.

It has been explained by Sanders & McCormick (1987) that anthropometry is the measurement of body dimensions or other physical characteristics of the body that are relevant to the design of products that are worn and used by people on a daily basis.

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Anthropometry in Architecture

The design of the house made by architecture involves many aspects of measurement. This is because the right calculations can create buildings that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also comfortable to live in. Anthropometric measurement is one of the measurements that need to be considered to achieve this goal.

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As mentioned earlier, ergonomics, which is closely related to anthropometry, is the study of interactions between humans and other elements, including the buildings they inhabit. It is important for an architect to pay attention to human size to estimate the height of the roof, the width of the stairs to the sloping floor or not. Especially if in the building there are people with special needs or the elderly.

In carrying out anthropometric measurements, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of factors that affect body dimensions, namely :

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Clumps and Tribes
  • Socio-economic and nutritional consumption obtained
  • Work, daily activities also have an effect
  • Measurement time condition

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The Importance of Anthropometry in Architecture to Support Mobility and Space Requirements

One of the goals of the application of anthropometry in architecture is to support the mobility and space requirements of a building. How did it happen? This is because the accurate measurements made will facilitate the movement of people who are active in the building.

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This measurement of course needs to be adjusted to the race, the average age of the occupants of the building. So that the architect can estimate how much space is needed accurately. Minimizing injury or accidents at work due to non-ergonomic buildings.

The movement or mobility of the occupants of the building will be guaranteed without having to be afraid of falling and getting hurt. To achieve this goal, of course, it requires precise measurements, therefore a truly accurate measuring instrument is needed.

The Most Accurate Anthropometric Measuring Tool

The results of anthropometric measurements in determining the diagnosis must be accurate and precise. Therefore, a measuring instrument is needed that supports these accurate results. Here is a selection of the best measuring tools that can be used :

Portable Anthropometry Kit for University

Metrisis – Portable Anthropometry produced by Solo Abadi Indonesia is an anthropometric measuring instrument derived from the anthropometric chair which is packaged in a portable form, so that the measuring instrument can be moved or carried anywhere easily. Like an innovation, portable anthropometry can be used to measure up to more than 100 dimensions of the human body.

The function of this tool is to carry out anthropometric measurements that are carried out carefully and prioritize the accuracy of the data. This instrument offers measurement capabilities of up to 100 measurements. In addition, its portable form makes this tool can be used unlimited time and done anywhere.

Anthropometric kits from Solo Abadi have been sent to various departments in Indonesia. Currently, 8 Portable Anthropometry kits from Solo Abadi have been used, one of which is the Department of Medicine, Islamic University of Indonesia. The following are the details of the Anthropometry Portable Kit product.

Anthropometric measuring instrument products from Solo Abadi have also been widely used as learning support facilities in the department of room design and product design in a number of universities in Indonesia.

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