Here’s The History Of Anthropometry That People Don’t Know Yet!

Anthropometry is one of the branches of science that studies measurements of the dimensions of the human body. Anthropometry is closely related to human life, in particular about the comfort and suitability of the product or ergonomics. Anthropometry itself comes from the word “Anthropos” which means human and “metric” which means size. Anthropometry is a collection of numerical data related to the human body such as size, shape, and strength in designing equipment and workspaces.

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However, many people do not yet know about the history of this anthropometry. So what is the history of world anthropometry? Check it out in the following review.

History of World Anthropometry

At the time of the Civilizations of Rome, Greece, and Egypt anthropometry was used in measurements of the dimensions of the human body for beauty or health. For example, in the creation of works of art that require beauty, strength, and other attributes used in human form. In addition, symmetry in measurements is highly desirable and a unit of measurement of the width of the human hand or the length of the human leg.

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Furthermore, anthropometry was also used in the time of Renaissance artists, where any creation of works of art required human proportions. It aims to obtain accurate anthropometric measurements.

A famous painter, Leonardo da Vinci, first created a human image inspired by the concept of a philosopher in the first century AD in Rome named Vitruvius. He revealed that the navel is the center of the human body. When a human being is supine with both hands and feet, the term is centered on the navel of the toes and fingers. Then, the distance between the soles of the feet to the head will also be the same length at the time of the supine size.

The Development of Anthropometry

Having known the history of anthropometry, it turns out that this science continues to undergo significant development. The branch of anthropometric sciences developed into other fields of science, one of which was anthropology in the 19th century. Anthropology is a science that studies humans such as size and proportion which is often referred to as physical anthropology.

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A scientist from Belgi named Adolphe Quetelet introduced anthropometry which is applied to statistical concepts to anthropological data. Then in the middle of the 19th century was the milestone in the beginning of modern anthropometry related to the design of the human body in industry.

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At the end of the 19th century anthropometry is now becoming widely known by various disciplines. At that time anthropometry began to be known alongside biomechanics in terms of designing work facilities, human body size data, designing industrial tools, and even facilities and work stations. These data are necessary to create the conformity of the dimensions of the human body with the tools to be used. So that the designed tool will make it easier for users to do activities.

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