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Ergonomics as a scientific discipline in Indonesia is something that is relatively new. With the new economy in the last 30 years focusing on the industrial world, ergonomics research has grown with the times. Unfortunately, this scientific development is not supported by the availability of ergonomics measuring tools for research purposes. Portable Anthropometry and Anthropometric Chair are the first domestically made ergonomic measuring tools for research purposes! Let’s see why this tool is suitable for supporting research purposes!

Ergonomics Research Trends in Indonesia

A science born and grew up in the western lands, indirectly makes this scientific development in Indonesia not as massive as in its homeland. Nowadays, the Indonesian economy is based on the industrial world, making this trend also developing in developing countries.

Ergonomics research trends in Indonesia are divided into five research areas, namely :

  1. Ergonomic measurement methods and techniques
  2. Human characteristics
  3. Work design and organization
  4. Occupational Health and Safety
  5. Workplace and equipment design

In addition, developments in ergonomics are also applied to product design and industry, architecture and occupational health and safety. However, in reality this is still an issue in Indonesia. Due to the inaccuracy of technology transfer, education and economic training are not thorough, causing poor working conditions. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), in Indonesia from January to September 2021 there were 82 thousand cases of work accidents.

There is a gap between research and application of ergonomics in Indonesia. This is evidenced by the increase in ergonomics publications, especially physical ergonomics which have continued to improve in recent years. However, if you compare it with the number of work accidents released by the ILO, this is very contradictory and indicates that there is a gap between research and the application of ergonomics in Indonesia.

Ergonomic for Research Purposes

In recent years, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) has committed to increasing research and application of ergonomics. Through the Appropriate Technology Research Center (PRTTG BRIN), his party is trying to present an ergonomics ecosystem for products that are being designed and ergonomic measuring instruments as a support.

Biomechanics Researcher at BRIN Bandung carried out an Anthropometer function test from a domestic provider, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

Ergonomics research at BRIN itself is applied in accordance with the specialization of the field of study. Among them is the Agro-industrial Systems Research Group which collaborates with the ITB Professor of Industrial Engineering, Prof. Yassierli, S.T, M.T, Ph.D to explain the ergonomics roadmap in the agrotechnology industry. In addition, BRIN’s ergonomics research has targeted the scientific field of Biomechatronics which is directly led by Mr. Kadek Heri Sanjaya Ph.D.

Training on how to assemble and use the Anthropometer, an ergonomic measuring instrument.

Ergonomics research at BRIN regarding foot sensors is supported by an ergonomic instrument, Portable Anthropometry. This tool is the first domestically made ergonomics research tool. The reason is, with ergonomics research that continues to grow, domestic ergonomics research needs are often met by instruments from abroad. Portable Anthropometry and Anthropometry Chair are ergonomic research tools made in Indonesia. Check out the following info to find out the details of both!

Portable Anthropometry, Ergononmi Measuring Tools for Research Purposes

Portable Anthropometry is the most widely used anthropometric measuring instrument in the Ergonomics and Work Systems Laboratory. This instrument can be used to measure more than 100 dimensions of the human body in two working positions. Working positions in humans themselves consist of sitting and standing positions and face ratios.

With the data generated by Portable Anthropometry, the industry can find out the work environment and supporting instruments that are suitable for the workload so that occupational health and safety can be achieved. This data is then needed in conducting Ergonomics Research. However, before that the researchers needed to collect samples from a particular race in an area. The data that is considered sufficient to represent the average body dimensions can be formed into anthropometric standards.

Portable Anthropometry is the best anthropometric measuring tool for conducting ergonomic research. Portable Anthropometry has 4 types of caliper, namely Sliding Caliper, Small Spreading Caliper, Large Spreading Caliper, Branches Measurement Curves and a set of Anthropometer. The five instruments can be used in various fields, from education, K3, automotive, to aviation and the military. Ergonomics research needs can be facilitated with a portable anthropometric design that can be carried anywhere.

Anthropometric Chair, Ergonomic Measuring Tools For Applied Product

The Anthropometric Chair is one of the mandatory instruments in the Ergonomics and Work Systems Laboratory. As the name implies, the Anthropometric Chair is made to determine the dimensions of the human body so that it can be applied in applied products, especially chairs. However, the Anthropometric Chair from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia can be used to measure human dimensions in a standing position and even facial ratios.

The Anthropometric Chair is the most familiar anthropometric measuring instrument in ergonomics. Initially, the researchers only used the Anthropometric Chair which was made by themselves using wood and a reading tape, and could only measure in a sitting position. By using the Anthropometry Chair, Ergonomics Research which is currently being intensified by the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) can be fully supported. This is because BRIN currently has a projection to release the Indonesian National Standard (SNI), especially on seats in educational institutions.

So far, the Anthropometry Chair is the most widely used instrument in educational institutions in Indonesia, especially in the Industrial Engineering study program. In addition, the application of the Anthropometric Chair data is also carried out by the Indian Sport Authority (SAI) in Sport Science.

Get Your Ergonomic Measuring Tools !

Solo Abadi Indonesia fully supports the Government of Indonesia in creating innovations and deepening ergonomics research and applying it to everyday life. As a private sector, we are always open to collaborative ergonomics and anthropometry research to support a good ergonomics ecosystem in Indonesia.

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