Know the Principles of Anthropometric Design Before Designing Products

Anthropometry comes from the term “anthro” which means human and “metric” which means size. In general, anthropometry is a study that studies the measurement of the dimensions of the human body ranging from size, shape, weight, and others.

Anthropometry is widely used in various disciplines by applying ergonomic concepts. Anthropometry among others is widely used as follows:

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  1. Design of the work area.
  2. Design of work equipment in industries such as machinery, equipment, tools (tools), and so on.
  3. We design wasteful products such as clothes, chairs, tables, computers, and others.
  4. Design in a physical work environment.

That way, anthropometry can be applied in product design, product design, and industrial design of the workplace. This will certainly be related to the use and operation of these products. However, before designing a product must first be considered the principles of designing a suitable product. Then, what are the principles of anthropometric design in designing products? Check it out in the following review.

Anthropometric Design Principles In Designing Products

Before designing a product, make sure a designer pays attention to the principles of anthropometric design. This is so that the design of a product can later be by the size of the human body so that when using it there are no problems. The principles of anthropometric design in designing products are as follows:

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1. The principle of designing products for individuals of extreme size

This principle is based on the size of the small size used by each individual who meets his goals compared to the average size in general. In this principle, the large percentile used is the size of the 90th, 95th, or 99th, while the size of the small percentile is the 1st, 5th, and 10th percentile.

This principle is used in designing products in order to meet the following goals:

  • To fit the size of the human body, it is compared to its average.
  • To be used to qualify for other body sizes or in the majority of the existing population.

2. Product design with operable principle for a certain size range

In this principle, the design of products with a certain size range can be changed according to the operation by everyone who has a variety of body sizes. The size of this design can be changed or flexible according to the requests of each individual.

3. Product design with the principle of average size

In this principle, the design of products is formed based on people who have an average size. Meanwhile, people who have large or extreme sizes, they will be made with their designs.

Designing Products with the Right Size Using Solo Abadi Portable Anthropometry

After knowing the principles of anthropometry in designing the product above, a tool is needed to measure the right product design. A portable anthropometry is an innovative tool for measuring the dimensions of the human body up to 100 measurements.

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is a portable anthropometric manufacturer located in Mojosongo, Surakarta City. You can easily get portable anthropometry from us by contacting us via our WhatsApp admin. Get the best price offer from us by filling out the ASK FOR PRICE here. Our tools are often used in research and laboratory practice tools in the world of education.

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